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Explaining the Symbols of the Wonders of Africa.

There are 6 circles around the Sun Disk showing the 6 zones of Africa with the 6 colours found on every National Flag in Africa.

1, The Egyptian Sun Disk represents the Ancient Wisdom and Civilisation of Africa the cradle and origin of man. It encapsulates Africa in white showing the purity of Africa.

2, The 6 Iklwa represents the 6 zones of Africa. The Iklwa is a stabbing Spear made famous by King Shaka the Zulu. It is a Symbol of the Strength and Prowess of the African.

3, The Lion Head. The Mane of the Proud African Lion roaming the Plains and the Grassland of Africa. It represents the Rich Fauna of Africa.

4, The Ethiopian Procession Cross represents the Faith and Authenticity of the many African belief in God.

5, The Adinkra sign for the Ashanti Golden Stool representing the Kingdoms of Africa.

6, The Cowrie common in trade and commerce in Africa and was the currency of choice for the Slave Trade.

7, The Manila (Iron Money) found on the Nigerian currency was a currency of Trade and Wealth among West Africans said to originate from Calabar.

8, Mgbedike Mask known as the Kilmonger Mask from the popular movie Wakanda. The Mask represents the Culture and Traditions of Africa. It is an Igbo Mask meaning the ‘Time for the Brave.

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