Tourism: Ghana Nigeria Sports Festival – West African Integration through Sports


Sport pundits in the West Africa region are set to x-ray the possibility of integrating the region through sporting activities and fostering greater collaboration amongst countries.

According to the publisher,, Segun Odegbami,
Some 46 years ago, almost to the month, the Nigeria/Ghana
Sports festival was introduced to develop sports between the two brother- countries. The vision was to develop not just their sports but their cultural, social and even economic relationship.

The Head of State of Nigeria, Gen. Yakubu Gowon was physically present at the National Stadium, Lagos, to declare the event open and to underline the importance of the games and the exalted place of sports in the integration agenda of African governments at Independence!

What should have followed was an expanded West African Games Festival. That would have been easier and cheaper to organise, and, definitely, more beneficial as a tool to bring together all the countries in West Africa.

Instead, what happened? Even the Ghana/ Nigeria festival did not germinate and take firm roots. It festival ‘died’ in 1975.

Why? Is the idea still attractive today? If so, what needs to be done to revive it? Can we re-set the visionary button and revive the Ghana/Nigeria sports festival as a prelude to a wider West African regional project?

These are the issues to be examined and discussed this Thursday night, November 5. 2020, on the Sports Parliament when some of the parliamentarians will sit again to provide a rich diet of sports conversation on Africa’s largest TV network, NTA.

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