Tourism: Kwame Ansong Presents Ghana’s most visited attraction, the Kakum National Park on the Wonders of Africa zoom conference.


An exciting time on the Wonders of Africa Zoom Conference which held on Friday November 26, 2020, featuring panelists from Ghana, Brazil, Zambia, and Belize.

Kwame Ansong of Sunseekers Tours Ltd presented Kakum National Park as Ghana’s most visited tourist attractions Known for its striking setting and fascinating wildlife, and Canopy Walkway that offers visitors spectacular scenery and a fascinating wildlife experience along with modern camping facilities.

The park’s best-known feature is the 7 suspension bridges which form a 333-meter long canopy walkway, suspended up to 27 meters above the forest floor from trees that are over 300 years old. There is no other hanging canopy in Africa comparable to Kakum’s, and as such it ranks as a top tourist destination.

It’s also a premier site for bird watchers, with over 300 species including eight species of global conservation concern. Mammals include forest elephant, leopard, bongo, bushbuck and many primates, but game viewing is difficult. Also, more than 600 butterfly species have been recorded.

There is a tree house for you if wish to climb for bird and wildlife watching. The tree house is fitted with mattresses, bedding, and mosquito nets and comfortable for anyone who is accustomed to camping. There is also an outhouse. Tree top accommodation for anyone who wishes to stay the night for the love of animals.

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