Tourism: Nigeria missing as Ghana, South Africa others make list of 103 nations exempted from mandatory entry visa requirement by Oman


Nigeria is conspicuously missing from the list of 103 countries exempted from mandatory visa requirement by Oman Authorities as Ghana, South Africa and other African countries scaled through.

According to, the nationals will no longer need entry visas.

However, such visits will be allowed for up to 10 days’ stay to travellers in order to encourage tourism and revive its economical state.

As per a tweet shared by Royal Oman Police, all travellers must furnish documents of confirmed hotel reservation, return ticket and health insurance in order to get the entry visa for the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman had suspended tourist entry visas due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the country would now begin granting tourist visas to those planning to visit on trips arranged by hotels and travel firms.

Oman had restarted international flight operations on October 1, albeit for citizens and people having valid existing residency and work visas.

The European countries exempt from the 10-day entry visa are Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Cyprus, Ukraine, Andorra, Italy, Bulgaria, San Marino, Switzerland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican, Austria, Ireland, Britain, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, Latvia, Moldova and Netherlands.

For South America, travellers from Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Sirnam, Argentina, Brazil and Chile are exempt from visa for entering Oman for a duration of 10 days. In the Arab world, countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria and Mauritania are added in the list.

And finally, Asian countries included in the list are India, Armenia, Panama, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkmenistan, Honduras, Guatemala, Iran, Ghana, French Australia Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia, Macau Island, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Russia, People’s Republic of China, Seychelles, USA, Brunei Darussalam, Turkey, Korea, South New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Laos, Albania, Bhutan, Peru, Maldives, Salvador, Vietnam, Cuba, and Mexico.

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