Tourism: Nigeria’s Third Mainland Bridge is the longest in Africa and among top 10 Longest Sea Bridges in the World


Nigeria’s Third Mainland Bridge has been listed among the top 10 longest sea bridges in the world.

The bridge which is 11.8 km connects the Lagos Island to the mainland. It was the longest bridge in Africa until 1996 when the 6th October Bridge located in Cairo was completed.

The bridge starts from Oworonshoki which is linked to the Apapa-Oshodi expressway and Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island.

According to, other bridges listed among the top 10 category include: Confederation Bridge, Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, King Fahd Causeway, Jintang Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and Donghai Bridge.

Others are, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Qingdao Haiwan Bridge, and Overseas Highway.

Top 10 Longest Sea Bridges in the World
The list of top 10 longest sea bridges in the world is given below:

10. Third Mainland Bridge
It is one of the longest bridges in Africa. It connects the Lagos Island to the mainland.
Distance: 11.8 km (7.4 mile)

9. Confederation Bridge
It connects the Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada.
Distance: 12.9 km (8 mile)

8. Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
It is also known as Trans-Tokyo Bay Expressway. It connects the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture with the city of Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture.
Distance: 23.7 km (14.8 mile)

7. King Fahd Causeway
It is a series of bridges and causeways connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Distance: 25 km (16 mile)

6. Jintang Bridge
It is cable-stayed Trans-oceanic Bridges that connects the Jintang Island and Zhenhai, Ningbo (China).
Distance: 26 km (16 mile)

5. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
It is bridge tunnel crossing. It connects Northampton County on the Delmarva Peninsula and Eastern Shore with Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth on the Western Shore and South side / Tidewater which are part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of eight close cities around the harbour’s shores and peninsula.
Distance: 37 km (23-mile)

4. Donghai Bridge
It is one of the longest cross-sea bridges in the world. It connects mainland Shanghai’s Pudong New Area with the offshore Yangshan Deep-Water Port in Zhejiang’s Shengsi County.
Distance: 32.5 km (20.2 mile)

3. Hangzhou Bay Bridge
It is located between the municipalities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province, China.
Distance: 35.673 km (22 mile)

2. Qingdao Haiwan Bridge
It is also known as Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. It is located between Qingdao and Huangdao District, China.
Distance: 42.6 km (26.4 miles)

1. Overseas Highway
It is not only the most beautiful scenic drives in United States of America but also one of the most scenic drives in the world. It connects the cities of Miami to the West Florida (USA).
Distance: 181.9 km (113-mile)



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