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Tourism: Paris, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Vienna Listed Among 10 Unfriendliest Cities In The World That People Love To Visit Due To Overtourism

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Paris, France, holds some of the world’s alluring attractions, and this city famous iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower has been listed among 10 unfriendliest cities in the world for people to visit, alongside Johannesburg in South Africa, Mumbi in India, Vienna in Austria among others.

According to thetravel.com, in the shadowy corners of global travel, certain cities emerge not for their warm embrace but rather for their chilly reception. When traveling, tourists often seek the warmth of welcoming destinations, where smiles and open arms await.

Yet, a peculiar allure exists for those drawn to cities that wear the badge of unfriendliness. From narrowed glances to guarded gestures, these urban landscapes present a stark contrast to the stereotypical open arms of wanderlust destinations.

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Explore the paradoxical realms of the unfriendliest cities in the world that people can’t help but love to visit, each one offering a complex blend of mystery, culture, and unexpected fascination.

Some of these urban sprawls are areas with cultural differences that tourists may find challenging to walk amidst, while others are simply places ruined by overtourism (as in, too many tourists, and the locals have had enough!). Whatever the problem, it’s a voyage into the unexpected, where unfriendliness becomes a quirky companion to the undeniable allure of exploration.

There are many allegedly unfriendly cities across the world; from the United States and Europe to Africa and Asia, it’s time to peel back the layers to reveal the concealed charm within these seemingly unwelcoming destinations, some of which have even been named among the rudest cities in the world.

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10. Berlin
Reportedly unwelcoming, but easy on the wallet with many free attractions
While Berlin is acknowledged as a lively and inclusive city with many things to do, it harbors a less illuminated aspect that contributes to its reputation for being unwelcoming as one of its cons. The city’s residents, although culturally diverse, tend to be naturally reserved, fostering a potential for misunderstandings.
Moreover, the sheer volume of visitors inundating the city can strain the ability of locals to maintain a consistently friendly demeanor. Additionally, the ongoing process of gentrification has led to soaring rent prices, compelling some residents to relocate, and thereby fueling resentment towards tourists and newer foreign inhabitants.
• Problems: Tourist fatigue and high rent prices
• Ranking: 45 out of 49 cities for expats via Expat Insider 2022
• Number of tourists per year: 5.7 million till mid-2023
• Famous attractions: Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten Park, Charlottenburg Palace

9. Philadelphia
History, culture, and delicious food, but one of the rudest cities in America

Despite its nickname as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia has topped the list of rudest cities in the US. According to a recent survey, some locals in Philadelphia are reluctant to welcome outsiders and engage in conversations with tourists.
The survey revealed that residents were particularly bothered by the lack of acknowledgment towards strangers in public and the tendency to talk on speakerphones in shared spaces.
• Problems: Allegedly rude and unsociable locals
• Ranking: 148 out of 182 cities in terms of happiness via WalletHub
• Number of tourists per year: 39.8 million domestic visitors in 2022
• Famous attractions: Fairmount Park, Insectarium, Philadelphia Zoo

8. Budapest
Gorgeous architecture and thermal springs, but old social attitudes linger

While there are many great reasons to visit Budapest, it has acquired an unfriendly reputation from the social attitudes passed down through generations. During the Soviet era, friendliness towards outsiders was discouraged, resulting in wariness among the older generations. This attitude has lingered, impacting the way some locals interact with foreigners.

In addition to the historical context, Hungary has faced economic crises and inflation, which have taken a toll on the morale and optimism of its residents. As a result, dealing with foreigners may be perceived as an additional source of stress. Budapest has even been included in Russia’s list of unfriendly countries due to the actions committed against Russia.
• Problems: Old social attitudes, language barriers, pickpocketing
• Ranking: 162 out of 200 via Happy City Index 2023
• Number of tourists per year: 6.9 million tourists in 2022
• Famous attractions: Buda Castle, Gozsdu Udvar, Széchenyi Thermal Bath

7 . London
Rich history and iconic landmarks, but business and Brexit bust the atmosphere

London, United Kingdom, is considered one of the rudest cities in Europe, primarily due to its busy pace of life. People in London are often in a hurry, rushing to and from work, which can create an impression of coldness towards outsiders. Brits value privacy and tend to engage in less small talk, which can be misinterpreted as unfriendliness.
Brexit has also had an impact on the perception of London as a rude city.

Anti-foreigner sentiments have fueled hate crimes and harassment of immigrants, contributing to the unfriendly reputation. Studies have ranked London among the rudest cities in the United Kingdom and Europe, highlighting the prevalence of this perception.
• Problems: Tourist overload, cultural differences, moderate introversion
• Ranking: 42 out of 49 cities for expats via Expat City Rankings 2023
• Number of tourists per year: 31.2 million visitors in 2022
• Famous attractions: ZSL London Zoo, Warner Bros Studio Tour, Borough Market, Tower of London, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Camden Town

6. Amsterdam
Famed for scenic canals, but overtourism and misbehaving tourists have caused resentment
Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a city that evokes mixed feelings among tourists. Some experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while others encounter hostility. The rising anti-tourism sentiment among locals significantly contributes to Amsterdam’s inclusion on the list of the most unfriendly cities around the world.

Locals in Amsterdam have expressed frustration with the over-tourism in the city center. Issues such as drunk tourists puking and relieving themselves in public have fueled resentment. Some locals have even expressed their discontent through graffiti, with messages like “Nuisance tourists.” Despite these challenges, the capital of the Netherlands continues to attract visitors with its unique charm and cultural offerings, despite the new tourist tax for Amsterdam.
• Problems: Bluntness, close-knit social circles, language barrier, tourist overload
• Ranking: 5 out of 50 rudest cities via CEOWorld Magazine
• Number of tourists per year: 18.7 million tourists in 2022
• Famous attractions: Canal Boat Tour, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark

5. Moscow
Rich history and famous landmarks, but unfamiliar customs and a cultural divide

Moscow, Russia, has been ranked among the rudest cities around the world. Travelers are often advised to visit in groups to ensure company due to the unfamiliar standards and lifestyle of the locals. This cultural divide has contributed to the perception of residents being unfriendly.

As Europe’s largest city and a fast-growing tourist destination, Moscow allegedly sometimes has unhelpful locals and a general sense of aloofness. Despite this reputation, Moscow offers a rich history and architectural marvels that continue to attract curious travelers.
• Problems: Language barriers, reserved demeanor, limited tourism infrastructure
• Ranking: 30 out of 50 rudest cities via CEOWorld Magazine
• Number of tourists per year: 10.3 million tourists till mid-2023
• Famous attractions: State Historical Museum, Moscow Zoo, Moskva River Cruise

4. Vienna
Popular for architecture and musical heritage, but insular society allegedly breeds coldness
Vienna, Austria, is often ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, but it has also been criticized for its unfriendliness. Tourists have described Viennese as highly unfriendly, bad-tempered, and cold. This perception may stem from Viennese society’s insular nature and reluctance to welcome tourists.

Vienna ranks among the rudest cities in Europe, according to various surveys. Despite this reputation, Vienna offers many cultural experiences, including its grand architecture, classical music, and coffeehouse culture.
• Problems: Straightforwardness, formal demeanor, strict social norms, close-knit social circles
• Ranking: 36 out of 49 cities via Expat City Rankings 2023
• Number of tourists per year: 13 million tourists in 2022
• Famous attractions: The Prater Amusement Park, Naschmarkt, MuseumsQuartier

3. Mumbai
Loved for food, religious heritage, and shopping, but fast-paced life leads to impatience

Mumbai, India’s “Maximum City”, has been reported to have the least number of well-mannered people. The fast-paced life in Mumbai leaves little time for people to behave patiently and be helpful to others.

A study revealed that Mumbai scored low in the friendly staff category, highlighting the lack of courtesy among locals. Despite this reputation, Mumbai is a city of contrasts, offering a vibrant street food scene, bustling markets, and a rich cultural heritage. Exploring Mumbai’s attractions and activities can be an eye-opening experience, providing a glimpse into the diversity and complexity of India.

• Problems: Fast-paced environment, tourist scams, pickpocketing, congested public transport
• Ranking: 63 out of 100 of the world’s friendliest cities via Preply
• Number of tourists per year: 6.19 million tourists in 2022
• Famous attractions: Marine Drive, Elephant Island, Juhu Beach

2. Johannesburg
Known for wildlife, art, and food, but feelings of unsafety and lack of affordability are rife
Johannesburg, South Africa, has been ranked as the worst city worldwide in terms of quality of life. Expats in Johannesburg are particularly unhappy with the affordability and availability of public transportation. Many also feel unsafe when navigating the city on foot or by bicycle.

Personal safety is a major concern in Johannesburg, with a significant percentage of residents feeling unsafe. Despite these challenges, Johannesburg offers unique cultural experiences like vibrant markets, historical sites, and a thriving arts scene.
• Problems: Crime and safety concerns, poverty, tourist scams
• Ranking: 50 out of 50 cities for expats via Expat City Rankings 2022
• Number of tourists per year: 2.28 million visitors in 2022
• Famous attractions: Nelson Mandela National Museum, Soweto, Apartheid Museum

1. Paris
Romantic atmosphere, art, and famous landmarks, but many locals exhibit blunt communication and impatience with tourists

Paris, France, is renowned as a top tourist destination but is also perceived as one of the unfriendliest cities in the world. The language barrier is one of the contributing factors, as many Parisians do not speak fluent English. Additionally, Parisians are known for their straightforward and blunt communication style, which can be misinterpreted as coldness by tourists.

Tourist fatigue is another aspect that may contribute to the unfriendly reputation of Paris. With tens of millions of visitors annually (44 million in 2022, in fact!), locals may become impatient when dealing with tourists who obstruct their daily lives. However, Paris offers unparalleled beauty, world-class cuisine, and iconic landmarks besides the Eiffel Tower that continue to attract travelers from around the globe.
• Problems: Blunt communication, tourist overload, language barrier
• Ranking: 41 out of 49 cities via Expat City Rankings 2023
• Number of tourists per year: 44 million tourists in 2022
• Famous attractions: Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Musée Marmottan Monet, Parc Monceau, Le Louvre, Eiffel Tower

While the unfriendliest cities around the world may not always offer the warmest welcome every time, they provide unique experiences that can challenge and enrich a visitor’s understanding of different cultures.

From Berlin’s dark history to Parisian charm hidden behind a blunt demeanor, these cities offer diverse attractions and insights. By embracing the world’s unfriendly cities and what makes them allegedly so, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities and nuances of this world.

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