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Tourism: Serengeti National Park is home to the great wildebeest Migration says Charity Githinji on Wonders of Africa Zoom

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The fourth episode of the Wonders of Africa Zoom Conference took place on November 20, 2020 and it was breathtaking experience as Winner of Africa 100 Women in Tourism, Charity Githinji of Tandaza Africa, took the audience on a fantastic voyage through some of those amazing destinations in Magical Kenya.

The Africa Top 100 winner also chose the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania as her favourite destination outside her home country. According to her, Serengeti is massive It is so much larger than the Masai Mara in Kenya which it shares border with.

And its home to so much wildlife that you don’t have to toil around to find the animals, the Wildebeest Migration sees almost 3 million wildebeest move across the Serengeti in one of nature’s most memorable displays.

You can either fly in or take a road safari, when you are picked from the airport you go through Ngorongoro Crater which is the world’s largest inactive caldera with animals, lies within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, sharing the Serengeti ecosystems with the Serengeti National Park.

The Serengeti is arguably the best place in Tanzania to see predators in action. With so many animals calling the grass plains home, predator’s numbers are high – especially for lions and cheetahs. It’s a rare safari to the Serengeti that doesn’t spot at least a few lions, and even cheetahs and leopards are not uncommon sightings.

Other predators such as hyenas, serval cats, jackals, and even the occasional African wild dog can be found on the Serengeti.
The only thing more memorable than seeing a Serengeti sunrise is seeing a Serengeti sunrise from a few thousand feet. A hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti is undoubtedly something for the bucket list.

Starting before sunrise, you’ll be high in the air when the sun crests the horizon and lights up the Serengeti in brilliant red and orange.

After your serene ride above the plains, you’ll settle out on the Serengeti for a champagne breakfast in the wilderness.
Located in the central area of the Serengeti, the Simba Kopje (sometimes known simply as Simba Rocks) is a tumbled pile of granite boulders atop which lions can regularly be seen sunning themselves. It is also said to have been the inspiration for Pride Rock in Disney’s The Lion King.

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