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Tourism: South African sex expert says travel can increase arousal for travellers

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Experts say travel can arouse you in many ways, from the mile-high club encounters to playing out your wildest fantasies in public places like the beach and your hotel room’s balcony.

According to iol.co.za, Zakir Mahomedy, a South African somatic and tantric sex coach, finds that travel can increase arousal for travellers.

We all want to have great sex and to connect with someone. It is part of DNA. Holidays create a different state of mind that can create arousal.

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“Many people are stuck in a day to day mundane routine and face stressful situations which can take away from their intimate lives and relationships.

“By focussing on other things, they tend to disconnect with themselves. They tend to be mentally stimulated and neglect physical wellbeing. Travel stimulates our mindset and helps travellers to relax. It invites intimacy and encourages us to let go of our stresses. When we truly tap into what we desire and our impulses, we awaken arousal,” he explained.

Sofiya Alexandra, the co-founder and co-host of Private Parts Unknown, told news and lifestyle platform InsideHook: “What lies at the centre of travel horniness for me is the thrill of being someone else — a hotter, more adventurous and spontaneous version of myself.

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“I even get turned on by the idea of airports because of all the possibilities they’re a window into. There’s a reason vacation sex is a thing, and the reason is when you feel happy and fun, sex sounds like a no-brainer.” (sic)

Sometimes, travellers go on vacation specifically to have a sexy rendezvous. They plan holidays in the hope of meeting someone special who will keep them company.

Travel experts do warn those seeking sex on holiday to research the destinations, their policies, and what to avoid before they travel.

Some destinations have rules of public display of affections and may fine or send travellers to prison if caught breaking the rules.

In addition, while some countries have legalised sex tourism and have strict rules, one has to weigh the pros and cons before making that decision.

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