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Tourism: The Team Africa unveils ‘Wonders of Africa’ logo

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TheteamAfrica (TTA), association has unveiled the logo of Wonders of Africa® Project – a Pan-African initiative to get Africans to Visit Africa.

In a series of posts on Facebook, the Project Director Ambassador Ikechi Uko explained that due to the flattening of Tourism and Travel in Africa by Covid-19, there is a need to initiate a rebuilding and rebranding project for Africa to restart its Tourism.

He noted that Africans before Covid-19 were not travelling much within Africa, as 80% of all air travel are carried by non-African Airlines. Most trade and travel routes lead outside Africa. Covid19 lockdown and lockout has provided Africa an opportunity to rediscover itself and grow its economy by selling Africa to Africans.

“The Wonders of Africa Project” according to Ambassador Uko “will benefit the African Traveller as he now has more options and will be spoiled for choice from the over 300 attractions to be shortlisted. The Travel Professionals will also benefit, because they now have over 1000 collaborators from other African countries, and it will be easier to sell a product already known to the Traveller.”

In addition, “The Destinations stand to benefit as their products will be on full global display. With the success of the project, the African Free Trade project AfCTA and the Open Skies programme SAATM will be easily accomplished.”

The Wonders of Africa® project by Africans in Africa and the Diaspora is to unveil all that is beautiful in Africa the beautiful continent. It will build pride and help to integrate Africa. It aims to get more Africans to know Africa and to plan journeys and travel within Africa and its Diaspora. It is a 2-year project expected to inspire at least 3 million new travellers within Africa.

The project will initially be an African affair as a partnership between leading African Tour Operators, Travel media and Destinations. But the Final Voting starting from May in 2022 will involve the whole world.

The Wonders of Africa will be a bucket list of Must-See Destinations on the continent. It will be divided into two categories: Man-Made Wonders and Natural Wonders.

The African Union (AU) divides Africa into 6 geographic regions: The North, The Southern, The Central, The East, The West and The African Diaspora. The Search for the 25 WONDERS OF AFRICA will follow same pattern. Each of the 6 regions is expected to produce four (4) iconic man-made wonders. These total of 24 Iconic wonders will be selected over a period of two (2) years.
The First Shortlist will be done in September 2020. Countries are expected to have nominated and registered their various Iconic wonders.

By April/May 2021, about 1000 African Travel Professionals will vote to shortlist 150 from the total number of registered wonders from all the 6 regions of Africa.

In September 2021, another shortlist will be drawn strictly by Africans to reduce the number from 150 to 75.

By May of 2022, the icons will be reduced to 50 via global voting. This time voting will be allowed from all over the world. The Final 25 will be announced by September of 2022.

Team leader and Project Director the Wonders of Africa® Project, Ikechi Uko explains, “Of the Seven (7) Wonders of the Ancient World, two were located in Africa: The Pyramid of Cheops and the Lighthouse of Pharos in Alexandria Egypt. Of all the Wonders, only the Pyramid of Cheops (Gizeh) is still standing. By right, the 25th Icon on the Wonders of Africa automatically is the Pyramid of Gizeh. It is the only Icon that qualifies without a vote, because it is already an established Wonder.”

The organisation of the search for the icons will be managed by a project Board of 10 Advisors and 40 country representatives who will act as Team Leaders. The Team Leaders constitute the Management team of 40 Country Representatives who will supervise team members. Team members are Travel professionals from each country.

In another post on Facebook titled, The Journey to the Heart of Africa, Mr. Uko explained the Symbols of the Wonders of Africa Logo that was unveiled.

1, The Egyptian Sun Disk represents the Ancient Wisdom and Civilisation of Africa the Cradle and Origin of Man. It encapsulates Africa in white showing the Purity of Africa.
2, There are 6 circles of different colours around the Sun Disk. These represents the 6 regions and the 6 colours are predominant with at least one found on every national flag in Africa.
3, The Iklwa is a stabbing spear made famous by King Shaka the Zulu. It is a symbol of the Strength and Prowess of the African. The 6 Iklwa represents the 6 Zones of Africa.
4, The Lion Head. The Mane of the Proud African lion roaming the plains and grassland of Africa. It represents the Rich Fauna of Africa.

5, The Ethiopian Procession Cross represents the faith and authenticity of the many African belief in God.
6, The Adinkra Sign of the Ashanti Golden Stool represents the Kingdoms of Africa.
7, The Cowrie was common in trade and commerce in ancient Africa, and was the currency of choice for the Slave Trade.
8, The Manila (Iron Money) symbol on the Nigerian Currency was a means of exchange said to have originate from Calabar. It was acquired by the wealthy among ancient West Africans.
9, Mgbedike Mask known as the Killmonger Mask from the popular movie Wakanda, represents the culture and traditions of Africa. It is of Igbo origin meaning the “Time for the Brave.”

Ikechi Uko also stated that this project could have been launched about a decade ago. He explained, “In 2009, I visited Egypt. I had a meeting with the World-Famous Egyptologist, Prof. Zahi Hawass and we agreed to launch this Project in 2010/2011. He was then the Head of Antiquity in Egypt, but the Arab Spring arrived and the Project never took off.

“I am so happy to have partners from all over Africa and the Diaspora who have signed up for this Project and we shall all win for Africa.”

TheteamAfrica was formed in Kigali by Travel Promoters in 2015. TTA has promoted the Visa on Arrival policy and the African Open Skies policy, as ways of getting more Africans to travel Africa. Since 2015, Africa has largely implemented these two policies. TTA believes it is time to implement the last leg of the 3-point Agenda – which is the Wonders Project.

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