Tourism: The Tourism Slogans of the countries of the world

It’s not easy summarising the spirit of an entire country using just a few words.

In fact, tourism boards spend millions brainstorming the perfect slogan – with suitably differing results.

It’s interesting to see how various countries around the world see and sell themselves – from Armenia’s blunt ‘Visit Armenia, it is beautiful’, and Jordan’s pointless ‘Yes, it’s Jordan’, to more gimmicky catchphrases like ‘Ukraine – ‘It’s all about U’.

There were 38 countries where tourism slogans could not be found, including North Korea and – surprisingly – Sweden.

On the other hand, several war-torn countries retain their inviting catchphrases despite currently being largely off-limits to tourists, including Syria’s ‘Always beautiful’, and Chad’s ‘Oasis of the Sahel’.

Wordplay proves itself to be a popular tactic for some tourism boards, according to FamilyBreakFinder’s map, as in the case of ‘Morocco, Much Mor’.

Belgium certainly hasn’t gone into specifics, with the slogan ‘Belgium, the place to be’, and nor has Tunisia with ‘I feel like Tunisia’.

Oman’s offering has a nice ring to it, with ‘Beauty has an address’, as does Netherland’s ‘The original cool’.

America’s catchphrase – ‘All within your reach’ – is certainly true for those that can afford it, while the UK’s is actually quite effective: ‘Home of amazing moments’.

Jordan didn’t go wild with the adjectives as other tourism boards did, settling instead on the decidedly blunt ‘Yes, it’s Jordan’

Wordplay proves itself to be a popular tactic for some tourism boards, as in the case of ‘Morocco, Much Mor’, pictured

The UK proudly considers itself to be ‘home of amazing moments’, and has embraced the digital age with its integration of a hashtag to the slogan

Alliteration was another common theme, with examples including ‘Brilliant Barbados’, ‘Epic Estonia’, and ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’.

Tongo laid claim to its location with, ‘The true Pacific’, while Trinidad and Tobago opted for ‘The true Caribbean’.

Similar purely geographical slogans include Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ‘The heart of SE Europe’, and Portugal’s ‘Europe’s West Coast’.

And several African countries nodded to their position as being the birthplace of civilization with examples including Mozambique’s ‘Come to where it all started’, Ethiopia’s Land of origins’, and Egypt’s ‘Where it all begins’.

Honduras, meanwhile, is possibly the most boastful. It opted for: ‘Everything is here.’




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