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Tourism: Trip to South Africa – Clarens

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Sawubona Clarens South Africa!
Let me take you on this trip, a memorable one I must say to a country so diversified. Here, I met colors of the world.

Beginning on a light note to my first South African word “Sawubona” meaning welcome declared as we boarded the South African Airways flight to South Africa with a group of Travel professionals in West Africa for the West African Trade and Media Mega Familiarization Trip 2018.

It was a 5 hours flight from Lagos Muritala Muhammed Airport to OR Tambo International Airport although it felt like seconds as I had every entertainment gadget right in front of me, all thanks to South African Airways.

You would want a slice of the action in Clarens which happens to be my first unforgetable destonation. Situated in the foothills of Maluti Mountains in free state province 336 KM from Johannesburg.

The mountains, hills the serenity and wonders of nature surrendered before us. One would say, oh yes, clarens has an amazing road structure ‘’girl you are definitely not in your country’’ Comments I got in one of those instagram videos and I will concur ‘’yeah I’m in Clarens,’’ ‘’ oh that’s small London’’ they said and I replied ‘’oh better than london.’’
Although the weather was below 50 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time during our stay in clarens, winter came quite early but it was a great experience regardless.

The adventure at Clarence Xtreme Quad Biking, Ziplining experience was definitely explicit.

For ones in years, I was pampered by nature, the bewildering hospitality at Protea Hotel by Marriot and the delicious main cuisines. Giving a first stare at the menu, I knew I will be leaving clarens some weights heavier, I didn’t mind.

Clemetine European Restaurant and Bar is one of the best restaurant in Clarens. I remember clearly having Bulgarian beef Soup with rice during our second dinner, it was delicious, even though I wished I had my West African chilli.
Clarens is probably the best place to be especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of life anywhere in the world.

South Africa definitely got it right with Clarens.

Now to the adventure in Clarens Xreme. We all conquered our fears by team work. Clarens Xtreme is a place for those with balls of steel. I remember one person in the team acting in defense to the ziplinning adventure ‘’Do you know what it means to have children waiting for you at home? I cant risk my life, wait till you have atleast one child’’ some were grinning constantly ‘’no I cant’’ so many drama queens. We all had our adrenaline pumping at the sight of the height and intensity of the adventure, then there was a cheer leader, all thanks to him, some had the courage to get zipped on the costume until they get to the top and then remember the ziplining adventure wasn’t meant for them. I remembered clearly the positive and optimistic proclamations by many after the adventure, myself in particular – “I will do this again!”

After the experience we all headed to the hotel in preparation for another adventure! Next? Basotho Cultural village!

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