Africa: Turkish Airline complies, changes aircraft on Abuja to A330 instead of smaller B737


IN response to the order issued by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) directing Turkish Airlines to suspend its operations into Nigeria until the airline is ready to operate into the country with the right aircraft, the airline operated into Abuja with a much larger Airbus A330 today.

Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika who confirmed this on his official twitter page said,” Turkish Air operated A330 to Abuja today as against the small B737 in apparent response to our suspension order, we needed to get to this, Anyway…”

The airline had in a statement issued from Istanbul, 13 December 2019 titled: About Turkish Airlines operations in Nigeria announced that its operations continue in all of its destinations in Nigeria.

Recall, the NCAA in a letter NCAA/ DG/12/16/60 directed to the airline’s Country Manager on December 11, 2019 threatened to suspend the airline until it decides to use the right aircraft for Turkey- Nigeria operations after the airline had arrived with a recent flight without 85% of passengers’ baggage onboard.

The CAA had given the airline a grace to effect the change or the suspension shall be effective from the 16th December, 2019
The NCAA letter had read in part,” The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) wishes to extend its compliments to Turkish Airlines and also express its serious displeasure about the recent cases of not bringing passengers into Nigeria together with their checked-in baggage.

“These incidents, which has been going on for two weeks, has become so bad that the most recent flight arrived without 85% of passengers’ baggage onboard. Our Airport Authority have been facing serious crises controlling the passengers at the airport whenever they arrive without their baggage’s.

“This issue has made passengers to carry out several mob actions at our airport and it is a great threat to our airport facilities.

“In view of all these, and the series of meetings held with Turkish Airlines personnel, which did not yield any solution to the problem, the NCAA is therefore left with no option than to direct Turkish Airline to suspend its operations into Nigeria until such a time when the airline is ready to operate with the right size of aircraft that can transport all passengers with their baggage at the same time.

“If no remedial action is carried out by your airline this suspension shall be effective from the 16th December, 2019,” the letter read.


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