Uganda trains stakeholders on how to benefit from Tourism fairs

 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

A three day workshop is presently ongoing at the Protea Hotel Kampala for Uganda trains stakeholders on how to benefit from Tourism fairstourism stakeholders to learn the ropes of how to best prepare for attending major tourism trade fairs and exhibitions and get the most out of their investment.

The United Nation’s Development Programme, UNDP, is the main funding agency for the workshop which is being conducted by the Uganda Tourism Board.

Small enterprises and startups have in the past often complained that participating in such events like WTM or ITB costs them an arm and a leg and they get little in return, claims regularly rejected by UTB sources which blamed the experience of a few for poor preparation and lack of understanding how to conduct business as such major fairs.

This is now finally being addressed through this workshop and it is hoped that the lessons taught and learned will help to improve the performance of the Ugandan team in upcoming shows and trade fairs, collectively and individually.




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