UK: Nigerian tourists outspend the Russians

moneyLONDON, England – Nigerian tourists have become the third biggest foreign spenders in the United Kingdom, according to a new report.

Shoppers from the West African country accounted for four percent of shopping done in February.
With an average of £628 per transaction, Nigerians known for their frivolous spending became the third foreign spenders after the Middle East Arabs and Chinese.
The statistic released this month (Mar 24), shows shoppers from the Middle East (up 31 percent) and China (up 23 percent) continue to represent the highest proportion of international sales in Britain.

Despite a spending fall of eight percent in the month under review, Nigerians visitors still shot ahead of Russians who previously spent an average of 669 pounds per transaction.
Finance company Global Blue, which conducted the analysis, said, spending by Russians, who also accounted for an average of four percent of UK shopping, fell from 17 percent in February 2014.

The unstable situation in Russia has been blamed as the cause for Russians disinclination to travel.

It is believed that the reluctance to spend could have a serious impact on certain shops and hotels, particularly at the luxury end of the market, which is preferred by Russian visitors.
Gordon Clark, Global Blue’s UK country manager said: “The unstable situation in Russia has shown its effect on tourism spend this year as the weakening economy leaves shoppers disinclined to travel.”

But he said the UK was still an attractive place for Russian tourists because of the range of luxury brands on offer.

Businesses are encouraged to renew their emphasis on strategies to entice these individuals and encourage high level spend.

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