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Africa: Writer, Onyeka Nwelue, cries out for justice after Rwandan government allegedly assaulted him for complaining about their national carrier RwandAir

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In a post shared on his Facebook page  award-winning writer, Onyeka Nwelue, accused the Rwandan government of assaulting him and subjecting him to inhumane condition after he complained about their National carrier, RwandAir.  he wrote:
This is injustice! #justiceforonyeka
#JusticeForOnyeka #JusticeForOnyekaNwelue

I need to write this, even though they have threatened to blackmail me in many ways than one but I have to write this. I was punished to a point where I had to apologize and they asked me to apologize to the Rwandan government.

On the 22nd of October, I sat at the lobby of Onomo Hotel in Kigali with Ebuka Ifeanyi and 6 men in suit came to me and one said, “Are you Onyeka Nwelue?” I said yes and he continued, “You made a report about Yvonne Makolo.” I shook my head. Ebuka had a flight to catch at 4:25, so, he left.

They said their boss wanted to see me, to solve the issue.
Yvonne Makolo is the CEO of RwandAir. In July, I lost my things, while travelling with RwandAir. Out of anger, I wrote so many things on social media.

I was taken to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau office. The Director General brought out his phone and showed me munched Tweets, which were directed at RwandAir and Rwandans and their President. They asked me to wait after writing statements on their own, purported to be from me and signed it themselves. I told them I wanted to speak to my embassy. They refused.

They took my phone and laptop and asked for the passwords, which I gave to them. They began to access all the contents.

By 11pm, I was taken to Kacyciru police station and pushed into an empty space, cold bare floor, filled with large mosquitoes. That was where I would remain for the next 7 days.

Ebuka had no choice but to contact the CEO of AMAA, who started making frantic calls to her contacts in Rwanda and I kept insisting I wanted to speak to the Nigerian embassy.

They would not let me do that. For 7 days, I could not eat. There was simply no appetite. I was taken to the King Faisal Hospital, where I told them I have kidney problem and after tests and examinations, the doctor confirmed this to them and asked them to send me away, else I will die and this could start a diplomatic battle.

I was released yesterday, the 29th of October and, initially they wanted to send me to Nigeria, I begged them to send me to South Africa.

As I write this, my system fails me. My health is deteriorating. I am in deep pain. My body is on fire.

Where can I get justice for what the Rwandan government did to me?
They warned me never to post about this, but my fingers could not itch enough.

Written by Onyeka Nwelue

Source: newspay.ng

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