News: Africa Beware the Whole World wants you to have CoronaVirus and they will make sure you get It


Another Rant Begins.
No African in Africa has the Convid19 Virus. Out of a global Sample of over 80,000 we still don’t have it. That’s not nice. Africa is where all bad things Blossom. Why don’t they have it after all the doomsday analysis. Everyone talked about how unprepared Africa is and the world will have to jump in and save the poor Chaps in Africa with no detection bla bla bla.

Nobody bothered about Europe and it’s Developed Economy and well Prepared health Systems. They forgot the Human Factor.

Europeans are used to functional systems where Government sorts out every Problem including Feeding Hungry people with Spare cash for booze and Smoke. So while Europeans were yakking about Africa they expected their Government to sort things out. Nobody panicked. No Airport testing, no Quarantine protocols No Sanitizer regime everything goes on as usual. Then this disease destined for Africa wreaks havoc across Europe. So much so they started exporting to other Countries. They have gifted Africa with 10 cases so Far. Cases that were not detected in So called Developed Democracies were detected in Poor African Countries with no capacity to handle Emergencies. Such Irony.

Now everyone is wondering how come the disaster hasn’t hit Africa as Predicted. No African country will wait until 50 people die before closing schools. Africa learnt lessons from HIV/AIDS from Ebola and from Lassa Fever. We know our Governments are not efficient so we panic quickly and try to save our lives and Families.

Uganda is the most Successful Country in Managing Viral outbreaks and should be teaching Europe a thing or two. DRC just discharged its last Ebola Patient Yesterday and Sierra Leone have their eyes Open even while sleeping so Africa learnt.

Now to Reality.
A professor somewhere now is doing an Experiment to find out why Africa is safe from the Virus.

Imagine if the Virus is a biological weapon it would not be nice for only Africans to be alive to rule the World while other Races died from the Virus. Such Nightmarish thoughts would encourage frantic Research. This researcher will come to Africa to test the new hybrid and as usual it will escape from the lab and Voila Africans now have a strain that will thrive here. Then all the projections and expectations will come to Pass. And the Pity Party begins.

It has happened before.
I watched a Documentary about the fight against AIDS. Sometimes in the early 80s Homosexual Men in San Francisco California were dying from a strange Disease. The President of America was Ronald Reagan with no Sympathy for Gays. Marches were done to get Government attention and funding. Eventually it was done and research and treatment started. Africa didn’t have AIDS by then. Nobody was dying in Large Numbers due to any strange disease in Africa.

Fast forward to the 1990s HIV AIDS has now become an African Disease a pandemic that devastated Africa. Remember AIDS wreaked more havoc in the Tourism Areas of Africa. Go figure. Hollywood and other Propaganda outlets Domesticated AIDS to Africa and how it originated from Africa.

So expect the worse. CONVID19 Will soon be rebranded and named after an African river very likely from Congo or Uganda.

They have changed the name from Wuhan Virus to CoronaVirus to Convid19. A researcher will soon tell you it is from an African Pangolin found in the Forest of Africa.

When a Disease is attached to Africa it is given an African stigmatize the people Ebola West Nile Fever, Lassa Fever but when it cannot be tied to Africa it acquires a sexed like Convid19, SARS, MERS, Foot and Mouth Disease etc. Never named after a location but once you can attach it to Africa we baptize it with African Name.

Africa Beware. Don’t Celebrate yet. They want you sick and weak. They might get you again
Rant ends.

I have gone into hiding at a secured Location.

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