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Africa: Business Insider Reveals South Africa, Egypt, and Namibia Are Top Trade Logistics Powerhouses in Africa – World Bank Rankings

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Business Insider Africa

Business Insider Africa brings you an exclusive insight into the top 10 African countries leading the way in trade logistics performance—a vital component of the global economy. As logistics serves as the lifeblood of international trade, these African nations have established themselves as key players in this crucial sector.

According to africa.businessinsider.com, The rankings, sourced from the World Bank, shed light on their efficiency and effectiveness in facilitating trade and commerce across the continent and beyond.

From the shiny cars lining up at the dealership to the countless goodies stacked on supermarket shelves, and even the packages delivered right to our doorsteps, logistics is the invisible force that keeps it all moving. With it, we can get our hands on the things we need and want.

Consider logistics as the lifeblood of the global economy, ensuring that goods and resources move efficiently to where they are needed. Despite its crucial role, this sector still faces various challenges that hinder its growth globally.

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In Africa, a continent teeming with a bustling population and abundant natural resources, the movement of goods and people, both within and beyond its borders, encounters obstacles due to inconsistent and often insufficient logistics infrastructure.

However, certain African nations stand at the forefront of the logistics sector when compared to their counterparts.

In 2023, the World Bank released a Logistics Performance Index (LPI) to evaluate how different countries worldwide are faring in terms of logistics. This index assesses six key aspects of logistics performance, including trade- and transport-related infrastructure, the quality of logistics services, and the punctuality of shipments, all rated on a scale of 5.

Here are the top 10 African countries with the highest trade logistics performance

Rank           Country Logistics              competence and quality score          LPI score.
1                    South Africa                                        3.8                                              3.7
2                   Egypt                                                    2.9                                               3.1
3                  Namibia                                                2.9                                               2.9
4                  Rwanda                                                 3.0                                              2.8
5                  Djibouti                                                 2.8                                               2.7
6                  Congo, Rep.                                          2.9                                               2.6
7                  Guinea-Bissau                                      2.6                                               2.6
8                  Mali                                                        2.5                                               2.6
9                  Nigeria                                                   2.3                                               2.6
10                Algeria                                                   2.2                                                2.5

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