Africa: Kenya Immigration identify and Target Nigerians for Immigration offenses with twitter


More than 25 Nigerians have been arrested in Kenya for staying in the East African country longer than their visas permitted, the Kenya Immigration office has said.

In a series of tweet to alert Kenyans on Nigerians flouting the immigration laws, the Kenyan immigration office said any foreigner seeking accommodation in the country must show valid documentations to be admitted.

“Over 25 Nigerians arrested today in Nairobi, Kasarani, Roysambu, Mirema area for being in the country illegally after their visa validity elapsed. Please give report if any around your area,” the office said.

“Most of them stay like 5 or so in one house. Before you rent any foreigner a house, kindly ask for their valid stay documents in Kenya”.

Kenyans immediately began to reply, stating placing where Nigerians have been found, and the immigration office replied saying: please give detailed info like exact location if any, it will be of help. Please find out on their exact location, house number or name. That will be of help”.

Standard Media, a newspaper in Kenya reported in September, that 17 Nigerians were arrested in Mlolongo, off Mombasa Road, Machakos County, and found with 48 laptops.

The newspaper said the police said those arrested were staying in groups of between three and four, and that some of them are believed to be in the country illegally because their visas had expired.

The African Union and the African Development Bank (AfDB) are calling for a visa-free Africa, where borders are virtually erased, business made easy, and cases of illegal immigration curtailed.




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