Africa: To boost tourist attractions, Tanzania to build first ever presidential museums


In efforts to promote understanding of the presidency, plans are underway by the Tanzanian government to build the first ever presidential museums in its capital of Dodoma.

Christowaja Ntandu, the acting director for the Department of Antiquities in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, said the presidential museums will be used as repositories for the papers, records, and historical materials of the country’s presidents.

“The public and researchers will be able to access these preserved irreplaceable documents for the widest possible use,” Ntandu told Xinhua in a telephone interview.

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Preparations underway include architectural designs of the museums and collection of the country’s presidents’ documents and artifacts, said Ntandu. She said Pindi Chana, the minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, inspected preparations for the construction of the presidential museums in the Chisichili area covering 20 hectares on Saturday.

Chana said the construction of the presidential museums will add to the east African nation’s list of tourist attractions. Tanzania has been governed by six presidents since it gained independence.




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