Aviation: How South African Pilot was killed in a Plane Crash while Performing Aerobatics in Zimbabwe


A South African pilot, Mark Sampson has reportedly died in a flying accident during an aerobatic display dubbed “formation aerobatics,” in Harare, Zimbabwe.

According to Bulawayo24, one witness said: “Four planes were taking part in a sunset aerobatics display for the Mashonaland Flying Club when tragedy struck.”

Another said the plane had spun several times and eventually veered off course, leading to the crash.

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Mark “Sammy” Sampson, from Cape Town’s Marksmen Aviation Team, has been described as an “outstanding aviator, honoured team member, trusted number-4 and loyal friend,” in a condolence message by his team. The aviation team said Sampson died at Harare’s Charles Prince Airport on a return leg trip that had taken them to Kenya.

They said in a statement: The Marksmen Aerobatic Team were on the return leg of a roundabout trip from Cape Town to Nairobi, where the team had performed a successful aerobatic formation display at the Kenyan Défense Force (KDF) Museum Airshow, held in conjunction with the Aero Club of East Africa.

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