News: To Combat Overtourism Authorities Introduce Italian Authorities Introduces €5 Fee Per Day Entry Into Venice To Reduce The Number Of Tourists


In an attempt to decrease the large number of tourists visiting Venice every day, the Italian authorities have decided to impose €5 entry fee per day into the city.

According to, the deputy mayor for social welfare, tourism, and economic development in the city of Venice, Simone Venturini, has explained that by imposing limitations, they aim to discourage one-day tourism and at the same time encourage slower tourism, reports.

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According to Euronews, around 100,000 tourists have been able to explore the city and walk through its squares every day until now. Nonetheless, in line with the new rules that are soon to enter into force, tourists will no longer be able to visit the city for free.

It has been revealed this year, all those who wish to visit Venice will be required to book a ticket online. The ticket price will be €5 and will be valid for one day only. The authorities decided to set such a short validity on the tickets in order to reduce the number of visitors since Venice is considered a vulnerable place.

Moreover, according to the same, Venice’s local authorities will also close the main access to the historical centres as well as equip the city with 500 cameras, which will be used to monitor the movement of visitors.

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