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Africa: Bukoba Town Health Club Gym Embarks On Fitness Training For Locals and Visitor in Tanzania

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Bukoba Town

As Tanzania Bukoba Town in Kagera district is busy establishing and rehabilitating various infrastructures and services to meet the demand of visitors who are flocking into the region to visit interesting sites and cultural heritage, TRS Health Club and Gym, has taken the opportunity to provide fitness training for visitors and locals to keep their bodies fit.

Being physically active can improve one’s brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve the ability to do everyday activities.

Michael Robert, also known as, Mike The Trainer, Chief Trainer and Officer in charge of the Gym said at first, they were receiving very few customers because it was not easy for ordinary people to join the exercise, but that now the number is increasing tremendously.

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“Our business started in 2019, but we almost surrendered as it was as if we were operating in vain. But luckily the government’s determination to lock Kagera region by investing heavily in infrastructures, in our municipal council in particular and the region in general, has caused an increase in the number of people visiting the region, and thus we have a good number of people who come to our centre for the service”, said Robert.

Customers increase resulted into availability of modern machines and equipment for training, that now the gym is frequented by public figures including high governments official who come for working tours, regional authority officials, tourists, traders just to mention a few.

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The center provides both indoor and outdoor health and fitness activities.

Michael Robert said that Health-related fitness requires that one maintain a minimum level of fitness according the age to reduce body risk of visceral fat and illnesses.

Gymnastics services delivered are Aerobics, Spinning, Body shaping, Cardio, Heavy Calisthenics, and Sauna and Steam.

However, Robert said that their successes depend on successes of other entrepreneurship in the town such as modern hotels and restaurants, Senene festival etc.

By Mutayoba Arbogast


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