Africa: Harvesting President Obama’s Regime Change Projects In Ukraine, Libya and Nigeria.


The Irony of Life is that sometimes you come back to carry the shit you created.

I feel a lot for the innocent citizens of Ukraine who have become victims of global geopolitical games. Many will die over an unnecessary senseless war.

Everyone knows this day will come but most wished it away and played the ostrich except for Mr. Putin who obviously does not play games.

The hawks in President Obama’s Government saw regime change as punishment to any country that did not play ball.

They were successful in 3 countries. Ukraine where they removed Pro Russian leader. They were successful in Libya though through very violent means. They were successful in Nigeria. The Libyan and Ukrainian change came with some violence. The Nigerian change happened without violence.

The outcomes of the 3 countries are the same in different shades.

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Because the well-oiled regime changes exploited fault lines and rode on massive propaganda at home and abroad, it left the 3 countries divided along those lines. 8 years after there is still a civil war in Libya and Separatist movements in Ukraine and Nigeria.

Ukraine is a bad case because it is in Europe supposedly sophisticated.

The Monroe Doctrine of America applies also in Europe. It says do not mess in my neighbourhood as I am the Don here. America showed it with the Cuban Missile Crisis it made Russia remove the missiles with a guarantee not to invade Cuba.

America has respected that agreement but has done everything in its power to destroy Cuba by other means.

So it makes no sense trying to get Ukraine into NATO. Russia has similar intentions in Ukraine like America has in Cuba and UK has in North Ireland.

Nigeria is lucky that we are not far gone into a real shooting war. The Obama led regime change gave the people what they wanted. In Ukraine they used Klishsko and Co to give the people what they wanted. In Libya the people wanted an end to Gaddafi and family. In Nigeria the people wanted Change.

Reviewing the consequences of these changes will only be normal now that the same team that created the situations are back to power in America. They can review the success of their actions and know what next to do.

For me caution is the word. For those calling for action against Russia, be well advised especially if you live in UK. UK is the soft target for Russia. They will mess up the train system. They will shut down power grids and can bring down aircraft. The chaos with BA systems is just a sample.

Expect more chaos in UK from Russia.

About Obama.
Time Magazine once described him as a reluctant warrior. He is not reluctant and he is a fierce warrior. He does not like messy fights. He fights from the shadows but he fights. He is “No Drama Obama”. Killed more people with drones than any American President in peace time. Capt. Phillips’ hostage situation, Operation Neptune’s spear that killed Osama and the Yemeni American death are examples of a toughened warrior.

He is like a long thin Stiletto that kills without spilling blood unlike his successor who was like a big blunt instrument that left a lot of broken bones and gashes but less effective.

The Coup of 2014 is the cause of the Russian invasion, so let us understand what is going on. The same players in Ukraine and the ones in America and Putin are now back to the ring. This is the second round of the fight.

President Zeelensky and the Ukrainian people might be Victims.

Why is there war in Libya and Ukraine? The beneficiaries of the regime change want to keep the countries they inherited by force of arms. Ukraine wants to reclaim some regions that now want independence. Russia steps in to maintain the independence of the regions.

Same thing in Libya. General Haftar and Co are refusing to come under Tripoli’s control.

Once the genie is out of the bottle it is difficult to put back.

We continue to pray for Ukraine and learn lessons from the episodes.

By Ikechi Uko



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