Africa: Kenya aviation company 748 Air Services launches more flights on Mombasa, Ukunda route


Kenya local carrier, 748 Air Services in a bid to boost domestic tourism and tap increased travel during the festive season has introduced more flights on the Mombasa-Ukunda route.

According to the airline managing director, Moses Mwangi, the flights will happen in the morning, mid-day and evening.

Speaking to BusinessDailyAfrica, Moses Mwangi said domestic tourism has gone up, pushing the firm to adjust its flight schedules.

“Slowly, Kenyans are being accustomed to travelling to various places in Kenya. With this culture shift, 748 Air Services has subsidised its prices to cater to all Kenyans in different classes,” he said.

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The airline uses Dash 8-Q400 fleet on the route. The air charter company says it has backup aircrafts to curb uncertainties that may occur in the scheduled flights. Mr Mwangi urged Kenyans to plan their holiday arrangements at least three months prior to the set date of travel.

This, he said, will help them save and not bear the cost that comes with the last-minute rush. In a bid to ensure that the regulations the Ministry of Health issued are adhered to, 748 has a “no meals and no mask no service” rule in their flights.

Since its inception, 748 Air has flown to Mali, Niger, Chad, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mogadishu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Sudan and Somalia.

“The ability to fly our clients around different countries in Africa has made us be able to navigate through the third world conditions,” Mr Mwangi said.



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