Africa: Kenya Farmers Urged To Seize Export Opportunities As Inaugural Export Cargo Flight Departs Kisumu Airport

Kenyan farmers across the fourteen counties forming the Lake Region Economic bloc (LREB) have been urged to seize export opportunities as the inaugural export flight carrying cargo from Kisumu International Airport departed.
According to, fresh green chili weighing 1.8 tonnes was loaded into the plane as the first consignment with the airline targeting 6,000 kgs of capacity for its flights scheduled for twice a week.
LREB Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya called on the 14 counties forming the Bloc to seize the opportunity and empower their farmers.
Oparanya, who is also the Kakamega County Governor said the weekly flights will be able to uplift horticultural and fish farmers in the region.
“The main objective of setting up LREB was to empower our people and through such projects that our people get empowered,” he said.
Kenya Airways has promised to give the platform to everyone interested in exporting and importing their products.
KQ CEO Allan Kilavuka has assured that the airline will provide the platform to everyone interested in exporting and importing their products.
“We are ready to offer both inbound and outbound cargo flights from Kisumu, the challenge i is to get inbound traffic into Kisumu but if we do that we will be able to reduce the unit cost of exporting cargo from here,” he said.
Kilavuka said the new venture will be viable to farmers and traders from other countries neighboring Kenya to export and import from the lakeside city of Kisumu.
Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o reiterated Kilavuka’s remarks noting that the expansion of Kisumu International Airport is an essential element for the development of the region.
“The establishment of a cargo village at the Airport will create employment opportunities for cargo airlines, freight forwarders, farmers and fish traders,” he said.
Nyong’o promised that his government will put in place policies that promote fish production and development of horticulture for export market.

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