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Africa: Medical Tourism Takes Center Stage at Akwaaba 2023 as Ikechi Uko Shares His Two-Hour Dental Crown Fixing Experience

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In a remarkable testament to the burgeoning field of Medical Tourism, renowned travel expert Ikechi Uko recently shared his extraordinary experience of getting a dental crown fixed in just two hours during his visit to Ghana.

At the prestigious Akwaaba 2023 event, which focused on promoting Domestic, Regional, and International Medical Tourism, Mr. Uko found himself in Accra, Ghana, with the FAAN Aviacargo team for the Air Cargo Benchmarking exercise.

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During his stay, he took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the top nine hospitals from Ghana that had attended the previous Akwaaba African Travel Market in Lagos. His journey began at the Brittania Medical Center in Tema, where Dr. Koby Appiah, a prominent figure in the coalition of the best hospitals in Ghana, extended his warm welcome.

However, it was his visit to Bethel Dental Clinic near Fiesta Royal that held an unexpected surprise. While on a tour led by a South African doctor, Mr. Uko noticed a sign promising to fix dental crowns in just one or two hours.

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He expressed his skepticism, given that his previous experience with crown placement had taken over three weeks. To his amazement, the clinic’s CEO assured him it could be done, and Mr. Uko decided to put it to the test.

The dental team commenced the procedure at 12:30 pm, though Mr. Uko’s ultra-sensitive teeth necessitated anesthesia, which initially didn’t seem to work. Undeterred, they persisted, and even a machine scan of his teeth couldn’t dissuade their optimism.

By 3:30 pm, the crown was in place but required some trimming to ensure a perfect fit. Remarkably, by 4 pm, Mr. Uko was already on his way to his next meeting, and none of his colleagues noticed the dental adventure he had embarked upon.

This groundbreaking experience highlights the impressive capabilities of medical facilities in Ghana, with Lucca Health, another notable institution, boasting same-day surgeries for various procedures. These hospitals, staffed by an international team of doctors and nurses from countries like India, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Europe, and Ghana, have quickly risen to become some of the best healthcare facilities in West Africa.

Medical Tourism in Africa is on the rise, and the inclusion of Ghana in this field demonstrates its growing prominence.

The Akwaaba Medical Tourism expo, which originally aimed to feature non-African hospitals, now welcomes African countries into the fold. With Ghana leading the way, it’s expected that Kenya and South Africa will soon follow suit. Lagos State, under the guidance of its Commissioner, is also making significant strides in pushing the envelope for healthcare in Nigeria.

For those seeking quality healthcare in Africa, the top hospitals in Ghana offer a compelling option, and interested individuals can explore their services via www.tophospitalsinghana.com or by calling +233308040040.

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