Africa: Gospel Superstar SINACH misses Concert in Suriname and Guyana due to Travel Document issues

SINACH, Sinach

THE “Open Heaven: Worship Experience” concert that was expected to feature Nigerian singer Sinach last Tuesday night at the National Park, has now been pushed back to May 13.

This is after the “I Know Who I Am” singer had problems with her “travelling documents”.

Organisers of the concert were left scrambling up to late Monday, trying to get the word out that the concert was being cancelled, and that full refunds were being done at ticket outlets.

“It was the worst thing that could have happened to the patrons and local artistes who put off their busy schedules and were rehearsing all the time,” said Deacon Richard Hoyte, a director of concert organisers, Serenity Holdings.

The concert was also set to feature several top local artistes, including the psalmist, Samuel Medas; Mariam Williams; Cheryl Maloney and Sean Sobers, and was being widely promoted.

On her “Sinach: Live” tour, the gospel performer was expected to headline a show in the Netherlands on April 15, before hitting Suriname on April 17, and then Guyana on April 18.

However, the Suriname and Guyana shows never came off, after the issue with travel documents saw the “Waymaker” singer missing all her connecting flights over the weekend.

Sinach was seen apologising in a video being widely circulated on social media.

“Hello Suriname and Guyana! This is Sinach,” she began.

“I am so sorry that I will not be with you at the worship concert; this is due to some problems and challenges with travelling documents, but we are resolving it and we are planning with organisers to come on a later date; on May 12 for Suriname, and May 13 for Guyana.

“So I’m looking forward to seeing all of you. God bless you!” Sinach said in a Facebook video.
Hoyte noted that while all previously purchased tickets are still valid for the new date, full refunds are still being offered to anyone who wants that option.




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Stanley April 25, 2017
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It is never to late,there is a greater tomorrow and allthings are working together for good all the way.