Kenya airways makes history with an all female crew B787 flight to Nairobi

Kenya airways makes history with an all female crew B787 flight to Nairobi 2Aviation history was re-written when Kenya Airways’ fourth B787-8 Dreamliner was flown from the Boeing assembly plant to Nairobi by an all-female crew with Captain Irene Koki Mutungi at the controls.

Captain Irene was the first African female B787 Captain to be checked out worldwide and it was only befitting that she was given the honour to bring the new bird safely home to Nairobi. This year a further two such aircraft will be delivered and another three of the current order in early 2015 before the existing options for yet more B787’s may be turned into purchases or leases.

Kenya Airways had in the past, on special occasions like the International Women’s Day, operated flights with all female crews, a sign of changing times and new opportunities for ladies who have set their mind on flying, and flying in the cockpit for that matter.

With a rapid fleet expansion over the next 6 – 8 years, during which Kenya Airways will more than double the present number of aircraft operated, there will be openings for pilots and cabin crew of course, in significant numbers for that matter. For more information about such opportunities click on and follow the link to careers and jobs.



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