Africa: Kenya the best country in Africa – global tourist


A global tourist from Poland is in love with the heavy rains, good people, eye-catching landscapes, rich culture and the good roads in Kenya.

Kinga Tanajewska, 37, believe Kenya is the best in Africa owing to different climates, the jungle rides and the social masses.

“Tourism is booming here so the attractive destinations can be quite pricey and a bit crowded, but yet you can still get off the beaten track to be alone with nature,” Kinga said.

The tall, humble and motorbike enthusiast was comparing Kenya to other destinations she has travelled across the world. They include the Middle East, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Others are Georgia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Bosnia. She also runs the website on her ride where she documents her experience riding across the world. She had documented her travel experience on her website.

“In Kenya, when it rains it pours! This REV’IT! {brings fun} rain suit goes all right,” she said.

She said Kenya made her different to everywhere else she has experienced in Africa.

“Everything seems to be available here and it’s more developed. There is no problem with communication because the official language is English and the roads are generally in good condition,” she said.

“During my 4-week stay in Kenya, I did my best to experience it all and caught up with so many peeps like nowhere before.”


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