Namibia to benefit from Indonesia’s visa-free trial programme

Namibia is among 78 countries set to benefit from Indonesia a 30-day visa-free entry into the Southeast Asian country. In a statement on Friday, the Embassy of Indonesia in Windhoek said the new regulations took effect on March 22, after Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed them into law on March 2.

Other African countries to benefit from the gesture are Malawi, Botswana and Lesotho.
Last year, Indonesia extended similar benefits to 45 countries including African states of Algeria, Angola and Ghana.
In total, Indonesia has granted visa-free entry 169 countries.

“The 30-day visa-free entry will only be valid for the purpose of leisure, tourism, family, social, art and culture, government visits, giving lectures, attending seminars, attending a meeting held by head office or representative office in Indonesia, attending an exhibition/explore/fairs, and in transit,” read the statement.

However the embassy noted that the visa-free entry is not valid for journalism-related visits and that “travellers’ passports must be valid with a minimum validity of six months and travellers must have a return ticket or through ticket when in transit”.

Source : APA

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