News: Belgium Health Minister puts ban on non-essential sexual activities of persons 3 or greater in indoor areas


Health Minister de Block announced today that, effective immediately, “non-essential” sexual activities of 3 people or more are banned in Belgium to combat the spread of COVID-19.

De Block said she was forced to act swiftly because of Belgium’s reputation as being the “beer-drinking” and “group sex capital of Europe.”

“Belgium is the beer-drinking and group sex capital of Europe, if not the world. We, as a nation, must address this situation,” De Block announced in Parliament.

“Wife swapping, threesomes, and orgies of six, fifty, one hundred or more are not permitted until the outbreak settles down,” she announced in Parliament.

Health minister De Block did not ban single or two-person sexual practices such as masturbation, anal or oral sex, or even bestiality.

“These measures apply only to human-to-human sexual contact, not human-to-animal contact,” she added when questioned about bestiality by reporters.

A 2018 survey revealed that more than 78% of Belgian couples openly practice wife swapping, a cultural trait that became common practice in the 19th century under the rule of King Leopold II.


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