News: Tourism figures surge in UAE Emirate of Ajman as it receives more than 200,000 tourists in first 5 months in 2022


Tourism numbers in United Arab Emirates’ city, Ajman surged in the first five months of 2022, with more than 200,000 people visiting the city as hotel occupancy reached 65 per cent.

According to, from January until the end of May, the number of hotel nights was 373,000.

Tourist numbers are expected to increase during the summer months.

Khadija Turki, from Ajman Tourism Development Department, said the emirate’s tourism sector is receiving significant attention and plays a vital role in the UAE’s thriving economy.

Ms Turki said Ajman, promoted as a family destination, offers visitors activities that include paddle boarding, kayaking, and trips to heritage sites.

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In the past few years, the emirate has opened the Ajman Museum, the Masfout Museum and the Manama Museum, now all leading tourism destinations.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is another popular attraction. Covering nearly 200 acres, Al Zorah is home to dozens of native and migratory birds, including pink flamingoes.

Ajman revealed plans to boost its tourism infrastructure during the World Travel Market 2021 in London.

During the exhibition, officials from the Ajman Tourism Development Department said it would increase the number of events and activities that promote Emirati heritage in an effort to attract investment in arts and culture



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