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Nigerians have more orgasm than most countries in the world says Durex

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Christine Mungai
Nigerians have more orgasm than most countries in the worldSurprise: The “Alejandro” of Mexican soaps should be an “Oladipo” from Nollywood.

AFRICAN women are supposedly docile, submissive and conservative, and some traditions, such as female genital mutilation, institutionalise the expectation that a woman should be sexually repressed.

African clitorises have even become another “poor thing to save” for global do-gooders—in February, a Clitoris Repair Hospital was opened in Burkina Faso, funded by American NGO Clitoraid, whose mission is to “restore a sense of pleasure” to women who have undergone FGM.

But recent surveys from Durex, including one which measures the “global orgasm gap” – the difference between the percentage of women reporting “always or almost always” orgasming during sex with the percentage of men who report the same—blows all those assumptions out of the water.

Nigerians have more orgasm than most countries in the world2Nigerian women report the narrowest orgasm gap among 26 countries surveyed globally, with over 90% of Nigerian women saying they “always or almost orgasm during sex”.

Sex in Nigeria is apparently better than in Spain, Mexico or Brazil—places where, if we are to believe the hundreds of soap operas, should be lush with attractive Latin men eager to make passionate lovers.

Over 70% of Nigerians report having an “exciting” sex life, compared with under 40% of Americans, Canadians and Brits.

It seems the French are the most miserable of the lot—a surprising irony, considering that Paris is supposedly the “city of love”—less than 10% of the French say their sex life is exciting, with intercourse lasting less than 15 minutes on average.

Although Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil all report sex going longest at over 21 minutes, it seems that Mexicans and Brazilians are “not doing much” during those precious minutes, with over 20% of women in Mexico and over 30% of women in Brazil saying they fail to orgasm when their partners do.

But before you pack your bags and move to Nigeria, you might take this with a pinch of salt—when it comes to sex, people are known to overstate their prowess, so perhaps Nigeria just knows how to exaggerate the most.

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