Africa: Stop the Dredging, It is killing Diani Beach Tourism says Kenyan City Residents


Residents have taken it to the Diani beach to protest against the dredging going on at the beach.

Diani beach residents on Saturday morning protested over the dredging activities going on at and around the beach.

Led by their vice chairman Dan Kinish of the South Coast Residents Association, the residents said a Chinese firm has been dredging and harvesting sand at the Diani beach, which as a result, is destroying the beach.

“It is a shame, it is destroying our reef here, we don’t know where the sand is going to come from and we feel our beach is going to be depleted of sand.

“We saw Chinese sand harvesters some years ago, but the main thing is that during the dredging, there is so much sand put into the sea, it then floats towards the reefs and suffocates the coral, when they die, fish dies, it is destroying the life of fishermen and later tourism in the long run,” said Dan Kinish.

Diani beach which located in South Coast about 30 kilometres from Mombasa Island is considered the best beach in Kenya and East Africa.
In 2014, the beach emerged top as Africa’s Leading Beach Destination in World Travel Awards.

Most white tourists, as well as local tourists, find this beach the best.

by Pythie Meja

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