Aviation: Target in Turkish Aviation 450 Million Passengers


Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, said that Turkey’s aviation in the number of passengers last year 15 34 210 million million out, “Our goal is to reach 450 million passengers.” He said.

Bir Istanbul Airport Economy: Future and Opportunities Panel Y was held at the Albert Long Hall Hall of the university with the cooperation of İGA, THY and Boğaziçi University Association.

Minister Turhan Speaking at the opening of the event, Istanbul airport, one of the driving forces of Turkey’s future growth story, even said he has the potential to be the most important symbol.

Stating that many scientific studies and reports reveal this, Turhan stated that the importance of air transportation in the world has increased day by day due to other modes of transportation and that passenger and cargo transportation is growing rapidly.

Turhan, the number of 38 2018 6 increased by 4,3 35 increased the number of passengers in the world, the number of passengers reached the 90 by saving XNUMX, XNUMX of global trade and the XNUMX of e-commerce, the information was provided by the XNUMX’ın.

Aviation activities in the world today, only national and not regional, global developments, it has become one of the most important aspects of development transfer Turhan, Turkey’s geographic location in the lock position 1,5 billion human inhabitants, 35 billion dollars GNP and 7 hours to 4 billion dollars in the country with a trade volume stressed that the flight was within range.

In this context, Turhan stated that serious importance was given to aviation during the last 16 years.

Dik Taking into account all this, we have become one of the fastest growing countries in the world with the air transportation policies and activities we have carried out since 2003. Today, our country, especially Istanbul, has become one of the largest global transit centers in the world. For this reason, the aviation investment that we have made so far has reached 56 billion TL.

UM Target 450 million passengers capacity in Turkish aviation “
Minister Turhan said that Istanbul Airport has built itself with the economic potentials it owns and will cover the investment cost. Yaptır 882 will pay rent to the state every year. Such an airport with such potential, Böyle he said.

The Turkish aviation industry has grown three times the world average, and the number of 34 million passengers has reached 15 million in the last 210 year, X Our goal is to reach 450 million passengers. Türk
The number of passengers in Europe, 4, 10 in the world to the third rank that voiced Turhan, transported the amount of 4 million tons approached, 15 a year ago 964 thousand tons was passed.

Turhan yesterday, the Universal Postal Union between Tunisia and Turkey (UPI) Ecom @ part of the Africa Project “E-Business Cooperation Agreement” signed indicated that, “We signed this agreement in order to establish a center of e-commerce in Istanbul. From behind, Kenya, Ivory Republic, South Africa, Somalia are coming and other African countries are in line. ‘We want to market our products to the world through e-commerce’. ‘

Stating that these countries want a place from Istanbul Airport, which can be the new center of e-commerce, Turhan said that this trade could be done through PTT and PTT would proceed to become a global company like Amazon and Alibaba. Havalimanı İstanbul Airport is the epicenter of cargo and e-commerce will be.

”The turnover of the aviation sector is 110 billion pounds“
Minister Turhan, 11 billion pounds by increasing the turnover of the aviation industry, 110 billion pounds, they have more work to do, the next 20 year around the world more than double the air traffic, the number of passengers served is expected to increase on average annually 4,4.

In order to get more shares from this market, Turhan said that they are working with all their powers to realize their medium and long term targets and that Istanbul Airport is the most concrete step.

Turhan, Turkey’s Istanbul Airport, which opened new doors to the world, Istanbul’s being reported in the financial center globally would contribute greatly.

Noting that Istanbul Airport has an investment cost of 10 billion 247 million euros, bed The rent to be paid by the investor is 22 billion 152 million euros plus VAT. In total, the project cost 32 billion 399 million euros, such as a giant economic power that we see. UM he said.

”The goal of THY is to reach the destination of 360“
Minister Turhan, aviation brand in Turkey’s pride THY said that the aviation industry is currently ranked second in the world in awareness, the words continued as follows:

Today with 332 aircraft fleet; 51’i domestic, 258’ın international 124 309 countries in the world is the flight to the point. New points are added every day and we plan to increase our international flights to 360. Istanbul Airport has provided us with a very solid ground for these great targets of aviation. Because there is no capacity problem in terms of meeting the passenger and aircraft traffic of Istanbul Airport. We are also at the point to serve every aspect of the world; this is a very attractive situation for airline companies. Istanbul Airport provides flights to destinations above 350.

Turhan, Istanbul Airport, will contribute to the development of developing regions, stating that the airport, should not be evaluated alone, the North Marmara Motorway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and channel Istanbul, such as a structure integrated with mega projects, he added.

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