Visiting the Batwa pigmy group of Uganda

Batwa pigmyFor generations, Mgahinga dense forests were home to the indigenous Batwa pygmy tribe. This tribe of hunter-gathers, fierce warriors who depended on the forest’s shelter, food and medicine were the forest’s first people, their ancient knowledge of its secrets remains unrivalled and this can be seen during the fascinating tour through the Batwa trail as your lead by Batwa guides. Some of the steep mountain slopes contain caves formed by lava tubes one of them being the famous Garama cave, a sacred place for Batwa. During the Batwa trail you can discover how it was used as a shelter during battles and as a place to store looted treasures.

The Batwa who were originally poachers are now earning from tourism as they provide music, dance and drama to tourists. Many have abandoned their caves,  settled in societies and now also access services like education and medication. They have appreciated nature and they are now part of the conserving team as some have been hired by uganda wildlife Authority as park guards. 
Batwa pigmy 2During the Batwa trail around the foothills of the virunga volcanoes,  visitors are able to spot forest birds,  the Rugezi swamp, wild vegetation,  bamboo forests and glorious views of the surrounding lakes and agricultural villages.  Golden monkey and mountain gorilla tracking can be done at an extra cost.
Mgahinga is located 500km from Kampala /Entebbe and can take 8hours plus when travelling with uganda walking Safaris. However, the long drive to Mgahinga is quite enchanting with great sceneries all through like the Equator,  lake Mburo national park ( for some Queen Elizabeth national park with tree climbing lions and abundant wildlife)  terraced mountains with flowing rivers and alot of rural Africa.
Batwa pigmy 3The funBatwa pigmy 4ds collected from the Batwa trail also contribute to their living as it’s given back to their societies.

Samuel Tumushime
Uganda walking Safaris
Kampala (Uganda)

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