Ghanaian town invaded by snakes

KWASO AND the nearby communities of Essienimpong and Piase in the Ejisu/Juaben municipality of the Ashanti Region virtually became a ghost town as fear-stricken residents fled the area on Wednesday evening to avert being bitten by strange snakes that invaded those areas. Different species of the dangerous reptiles, including mambas, black cobras, vipers and pythons, reportedly invaded Kwaso and the other communities after a heavy downpour. The snakes were spotted in houses, drinking spots and even in churches, forcing the people to flee the communities. Strangely, even though hundreds of snakes were reportedly seen in the area, there was not a single reported case of a snake bite in those communities – a bizarre development which heightened people’s suspicion that perhaps superstition had something to do with the emergence of the serpents.

From Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, courageous people at Kwaso, especially the youth, were able to kill more than 350 snakes but new ones suddenly surfaced.
Sources said 60 snakes were killed in a single household and seven were also killed in a church auditorium. The few residents who are left in the town are said to be holding pieces of stick to protect themselves from any possible snake attacks. “Three days ago, we killed about 54 and killed eight yesterday. Although the lights were off last night, we managed to kill one that entered a room,” a resident disclosed, adding that the people found it hard to sleep. Assemblyman of Kwaso Denteso Electoral Area, Patrick Frimpong, said he and other opinion leaders in the community were shocked to the marrow because of the invasion of the area by the strange reptiles.

“This is the first time such a thing is happening here,” Mr Frimpong asserted. He disclosed that most of the people in the community had bolted and that Zoomlion Ghana Ltd was being contacted to spray the entire area so as to deal with the serpents. Norman Kyei, a unit committee member, said nobody slept in the town on Wednesday because the snakes were flooding the town in their numbers. According to him, nobody knew what had caused the strange reptiles to flood the area. He said that some of the people were highly superstitious about the incident whilst others were saying that perhaps the prolonged dry weather had forced them to come out.


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