Africa: Accra City Hotel Wins Best Business Award

Africa: Accra City Hotel Wins Best Business Award

Accra City Hotel was named winner of Best Corporate Social Responsibility category at the 2018 Best Business Awards in London.

The Best Business Awards judges said: Commenting on Accra City Hotel, the winner in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility category, the chairman of the judges said: “Accra City Hotel has become the first hotel in West Africa to become ISO certified in environmental waste and food safety policies.

After a rebranding and changes in Ghana’s sustainable development and climate change policies, the hotel quickly rose to the challenge in a short space of time and brought in new food and environment practices for all aspects of the business.

Energy and water consumption is now down while just about everything else is recycled or disposed of with care. Congratulations to Accra City Hotel for achieving the impossible at short notice and raising standards to an international level.”

The Best Business Awards are one of the UK’s highest profile awards and winning this accolade speaks volumes about the quality of any organisation. The winners all have one thing in common – they are truly excellent at what they do and Accra City Hotel in Ghana have proved this by winning a Best Business Award.

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