Africa: By April 2021 78% plan to attend MICE Tourism events as 1 hour of F2F equates 5 Zoom calls, 10 phone calls and 20 emails says Rick Taylor


In the previous article (Part 3), a continuation of the paper “Is M.I.C.E a Viable Pathway for Tourism Recovery in Africa?”
presented by Rick Taylor at the 16th Akwaaba African Travel Market in September, we analyzed the ‘Minsky moment’ of the MICE industry, which led to a hikikomori syndrome.

However, the article ended with the conclusion that the virtual platform is not profitable and therefore not sustainable.

What then us the way out of the quandary?

The general consensus is that Meetings will rebound. Man, by nature is gregarious; so the hikikomori syndrome is just a phase.

Here are some statistics to back up the claim:

85% believe Face to face (F2F) meetings contributes to stronger, more meaningful relationships

▷ 78% plan to attend physical meetings post-COVID-19

▷ 1 hour of F2F meetings equates to:

5 zoom calls,

10 phone calls,

20 emails

▷ Hybrid and local Q4 2020: The last quarter of 2020 is likely to witness hybrid events, combining physical and digital elements.

This played out during the Lagos State World Tourism Day celebration organised by Akwaaba African Travel Market for the Lagos State government.

The Americans’ Travel State of Mind (Destinations Analysts) shows that:

◇ Between Oct–Dec 2020, the likelihood of comeback is unlikely, while the risk of hosting your event is high.
◇ Between Jan–Mar 2021, comeback is somewhat likely, while risk of hosting is moderate.

◇ Between Apr–Jun 2021, comeback is likely, while risk of hosting is moderate.

This invariably means that business events need to change…


▷Virtual, hybrid, omni-channel continue to evolve
▷Touchless vs. experience

▷F2F attendance more targeted

▷Focus on risk management

▷Second-tier cities

Outcomes focus:

▷Economic and societal development

▷Legacy and sustainable practices

▷Addressing current and future government / industry priorities
▷Long-term mindset

FOMO (Fear of missing out) programmes
Content => Meaningful connections
Networking => Entertainment Entertainment => Content

The African experience!

A Luta Continua… The struggle continues!

We stand together, and together we rebuild
We recreate and produce a new reality!

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