Tourism: M.I.C.E. vision for Africa by Rick Taylor – Part 5

Rick taylor vision

This is the concluding part of the presentation by leading MICE expert, Rick Taylor, CEO of the Business Tourism Company, SA.

It was presented at the 16th Akwaaba African Travel Market held in September 2020, where Rick was lead speaker on the topic “Is M.I.C.E a Viable Pathway for Tourism Recovery in Africa?”

In the previous segments of the paper, we traced the
(1). Origin of M.I.C.E.,
(2). Africa pre-COVID-19,
(3). Minsky moment,
(4). The future…

Today, we conclude with the MICE vision for Africa.

A luta continua – the struggle continues

There’s a need for collaborative efforts.

“We stand together and together we rebuild. We recreate and produce a new reality!

Strategies for the days ahead:

▷ The next frontier… a strategic development tool aligned with government priorities

▷ Improve the continent’s competitiveness, trade and contribute to the vision of a middle class Africa

▷ Airlift and intra-Africa connectivity improved

▷ An important generator of inward investment, income and job creation for Africa’s youth

▷ Convention Bureaus established as importers and exporters of knowledge, and brokers of innovation

With these, “A Vitória É Certa…” Victory is certain!
YES! MICE is a viable pathway for Africa’s tourism recovery!


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