Africa: I can never marry an entertainer –Nigerian Actress Tayo Sobowale

I can never marry an entertainer –Nigerian Actress Tayo Sobowale

Popularly known as Sotayo, Tayo Sobowale is emerging as one of the most notable actors in the Yoruba section of Nollywood. A free spirit, as she likes to call herself, she made her ambitious streak known when she set up her own production house, Sotee Entertainment, last year. She spoke to ADEDAYO ODULAJA about her journey so far as well as her views on relationship and others in this interview.

Why do many people see you as an unfriendly person?
Why do people see me that way? I don’t understand why people look at me like that. Really, I’m just me.

As one who runs a business, how does that work for you?
I relate with everybody well. I might not wear that look most times. People look at me from afar and draw their conclusions but I’m just like this. Most times, I don’t even remember I do movies.

How did you come up with a 5-in-one gig concept?
I just thought of everything and I said to myself, some people don’t get to watch TV. Some don’t get to read the papers. We know we’ve done a whole lot of things. Some are beginning to say that they know we opened this place sometime last year and they want to know what we have been doing.

They want to know how far we’ve gone and what we have been able to achieve in that period. It’s going to be something of pleasure and happiness for them to be able to see what we’ve done within those months.

So I decided to showcase the things we have been doing in this past year for people to see. We’ve done 12 movies this year. And we’ve done some things that are not movie-related.
Then it’s my birthday as well, so I don’t see anything wrong in celebrating everything together. Then we want to make people understand the fact that we also want to train people for next year. It is not going to be limited to everybody can come in, we need people to train.

How do you find time to relax with a busy schedule and projects like these?
I won’t lie to you; the only time I relax is when I run away from Nigeria. Every now and then, I run away to be able to get some rest. Even at that, I still don’t get to relax because my head is always everywhere.

In that case, where do you consider your favourite getaway destination?
I don’t have a favourite place. Everywhere I go is like another home for me. So when I’m not in Nigeria, I’m in London or America. It is like home away from home situation for me.

How does the man in your life cope with all your activities?
He understands. And the good thing is that he’s a flexible person too. He can always be anywhere at any time. Is he into entertainment too? Never! He’s not.
You made that sound like you are not likely to marry an entertainer.
Entertainer, No way!

What would be the reason(s) for that mindset?
I understand the nature of our job and for a man to want to understand a lady who is into entertainment; it is a whole lot of work. So you can imagine two entertainers in a home? It’s not possible.

Kole work. One should be able to bend for another. One should be able to calm one down but when both of you are hot at the same time, it’s nonsense.

Is the ring on your finger an indication of where you stand in the relationship?
I’m engaged, if that’s what you want to know. It is not just for fashion.

What is your definition of love?
I don’t know anything called love. I know it’s in the dictionary. There’s no love anywhere. Love is L O V E. That’s all I know.

If that’s the case, what was the attraction to him?
Abeg leave that thing, them dey sell ring na. Any man do anyhow, you sell the ring, chop the money and walk away. Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings. Receive the one you can sell when the man messes up.

Would it be right to say being engaged doesn’t stop the advances from men?
That is normal. Even a blind person gets advances from men all the time. So let’s not talk about love.

As 2016 runs out, what kind of year are you planning to have in 2017?
I want to do three times what I did this year. I don’t know how it would happen but I know it would happen. I’m that person who sets targets for myself. So whatever I must have done this year, I want to do even more than double next year.

In a nutshell, who is Sotayo?
This is just me, I don’t know how to go descriptive or superlative. I’m in my early 30s and I’m from Ogun State, Nigeria. There is nothing anybody does not know about me. I’m just a very free-spirited, young woman and a person who can relate with anyone.

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