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Africa: Conservation Challenge: Elephants’ Annual Migration Sparks Concern as Herd Invades Farmlands in Borno, Nigeria

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The tranquil farmlands of Gamboru/Ngala Local Government Area in Borno are facing an unexpected challenge as marauding elephants from Waza National Park in Cameroon invade the area, prompting concerns about the impact on agriculture and local communities.

According to punchng.com, Director Ayuba Peter of the Borno Ministry of Environment’s Forestry and Wildlife division confirmed the invasion to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday. Peter revealed that the ministry had received reports and was in the process of mobilizing a team to assess and address the situation.

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According to Peter, the elephant herd traditionally migrates annually from Waza National Park in neighboring Cameroon to Nigeria and back during this period. The route takes them through Gamboru/Ngala and Kala-Balge Local Government Areas.

The director assured that the ministry has mobilized personnel, awaiting the arrival of the Federal Ministry of Environment team to join efforts in managing the situation.

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The invasion has raised concerns about potential damage to farmlands and the possible impact on local communities. The interaction between wildlife conservation and agricultural activities presents a delicate balance that authorities must navigate.

Director Mustafa Bukar of Pest Control in the Borno Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged hearing about the incident but mentioned that there had been no official complaint from the affected area at that time. He reported that the ministry had received complaints about Quela birds and grasshoppers in other regions, which had been successfully contained.

As the situation unfolds, authorities are tasked with addressing the immediate challenges posed by the elephants’ migration while considering long-term strategies to balance wildlife conservation and the needs of local agriculture. The annual movement of these majestic creatures highlights the complex interplay between wildlife and human activities in the region.

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