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Africa: Digital Innovation and Sustainable Tourism: From Majestic Resorts to Cultural Delights, Accra Weizo 2023 Redefines West African Travel Experiences

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Accra Weizo 2023

Accra Weizo 2023, in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority, provided delegates with an unforgettable experience of Ghanaian hospitality and showcased the country’s remarkable tourism attractions.

The enchanting adventure began with a visit to Ghana’s first 4-star resort, the Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort. Nestled in Senchi on the Akosombo road, the resort welcomed delegates with its picturesque location along the banks of the Volta Lake. With 84 rooms offering stunning views of the eco-island Denkyenyam and the surrounding lush forestry, the Royal Senchi Resort blended harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

Delegates indulged in a tour of the resort, enjoying the state-of-the-art conference facility, spa treatments, and recreational activities such as swimming, golfing, and kayaking. The evening concluded with a memorable boat cruise on the Volta Lake and a lively barbecue.

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On the second day, delegates embarked on a new journey to the Peninsula Resort and Golf Club in Akosombo. Spread across 300 acres of land, the resort captivated visitors with its serene atmosphere, hills, and a mesmerizing lake view. Participants explored the resort’s amenities, including a canopy walkway, a 9-hole golf course, and opportunities for horseback riding and lawn tennis. Adventurous souls challenged themselves with a hike up the hills, while others immersed themselves in the delights of Ghanaian cuisine.

The final leg of the expedition brought delegates to the Accra City Hotel, the venue for the Accra Weizo Travel Expo. This renowned event, held on May 26th, focused on the theme of “Tourism Development Through Digitalization.” Prominent panelists and industry experts emphasized the significance of embracing digitalization to drive tourism growth across Africa. Government officials, tourism boards, tour operators, travel agencies, and hospitality companies gathered to network, exchange ideas, and promote seamless travel experiences in West Africa.

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The conference featured insightful discussions and presentations from esteemed individuals, including tourism bloggers, digitalization experts, and professors specializing in hospitality and tourism. Dignitaries, including the Ghana Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, graced the event. Beauty queens, exhibitors, travel and tourism students, and members of the media also enriched the vibrant atmosphere.

The Accra Weizo 2023 concluded with the prestigious Balafon Awards, honoring industry pioneers and outstanding players in the ECOWAS region. The delegates had the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Accra, indulging in shopping experiences that added a touch of local flavor to their visit.

As the event concluded, some delegates bid farewell to Ghana, cherishing the memories of an enriching journey filled with cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and fruitful networking opportunities.

Accra Weizo 2023 showcased the abundance of Ghana’s tourism potential, leaving participants inspired to further explore the hidden treasures of the country. The event not only highlighted the beauty of Ghana’s hospitality but also underscored the importance of sustainable tourism practices and digital innovation in driving the sector forward.

Delegates were captivated by the diverse range of experiences Ghana had to offer. From the tranquil shores of the Volta Lake to the lush greenery of the resort landscapes, Ghana’s natural wonders left a lasting impression. The cultural heritage and warm hospitality of the Ghanaian people further enhanced the delegates’ appreciation for the country.

As news of Accra Weizo 2023 spread, it sparked a newfound interest among travelers and tourism enthusiasts. The event showcased Ghana as a premier destination, encouraging visitors to embark on their own journeys to Eat Ghana, See Ghana, Feel Ghana, and Wear Ghana.

With the memories of Accra Weizo 2023 still fresh in their minds, delegates departed with a newfound appreciation for the untapped tourism opportunities in Ghana. The experience left them inspired to further explore the hidden treasures of the country, encouraging others to follow suit.

As the tourism industry in Ghana continues to thrive, Accra Weizo remains a vital platform for stakeholders to come together, exchange knowledge, and forge collaborations. The event’s resounding success serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism development and its desire to position itself as a leading destination on the African continent.

As the echoes of the event fade away, Ghana remains a beacon of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality, inviting travelers from around the world to embark on their own unforgettable journey through the heart of West Africa.


By Patrick Wisdom

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