Africa: Kenyan Man Shows off Big Hotel, Apartments and Lands he bought after Winning N755m Mega Jackpot


A Kenyan man and former parliamentary aspirant from West Pokot, Cosmas Korir is flaunting his newly acquired properties after winning N755m mega jackpot.

According to Korir remembers with nostalgia the phone call from Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri that changed his life forever.

The call came through informing him that he was the jackpot winner of a whopping KSh 208,733,619 (N755,591,710).

Speaking on NTV’s Gamblers Paradise – The House Always Wins, Cosmas revealed that he was driving around Bomet when the good news came in. “I sat on the grass for a while. Even those who were around me kept asking whether or not it was true,” he said.

According to him, the feelings were so overwhelming that even food did not taste the same that evening.

As soon as the money hit his account, Cosmas walked into a car bazaar and drove out in a Toyota Landcruiser V8. “I got it at KSh 12 million (N43,438,620), cash money, and it serves me well to date. It has no loan,” he noted. He admits that for a long while, he struggled with making the right decision over what he was going to do with the money. Having grown up in a dilapidated house, Cosmas channelled some KSh 2 million (N7.2m) towards constructing a new permanent house in the village.

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Investments As it happened, a friend informed him that there were apartments in Kitengela that were on sale for KSh 50 million (N180m), which he quickly purchased and became a landlord.

“From the following month, I started earning about KSh 400,000 (N1.4m) through rental income,” he expressed. With the investment bug having bitten him, Cosmas went for a second apartment worth KSh 62 million (N224m), which started bringing in about KSh 500,000 (N1.8m) monthly.

Cosmas also bought a hotel for his wife Joyce in Eldoret town, something that empowered her financially, and he is currently putting up his own hotel on a 2-acre land he acquired. Downsides He reveals that the downside of the windfall is that he has become a busy man who is always traversing between Nairobi, Eldoret and Bomet to keep tabs on his investments. “Most times I am away from my family and children, but I always ensure I create one day every week to spend with them,” he underpinned.

Cosmas also adds that he received so many calls from people who had become friends all of a sudden to an extend that he had to switch off his phone.

As much as that was meant to guard himself against trying to solve all the requests, which is not possible, it lost him some friends. “If it wasn’t for the jackpot I wouldn’t be here, maybe I’d still be in Bomet,” concluded the father of three. He also advised people to bet wisely and within their means, adding that he never spends more than KSh 500 (N1,809) on betting regardless of how much money it brings back.



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