Africa: Nigerian University don says Ministry of Culture and Tourism should stand alone


A don at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Prof. Jeleel Ojuade, has urged the Federal Government to shelve its alleged plan to merge the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with another ministry.

According to, he canvassed a synergy between the ministry and the academia; a partnership he claimed would enhance the preservation of the nation’s multi-faceted culture and dance.

Delivering the 208th inaugural lecture of the university, yesterday, Ojuade of the Department of Performing Arts in the Faculty of Arts of the institution, said culture the world over has become a veritable source of income and a unique identity stigma.

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The event, which was attended by high profile audience from Nigeria and abroad, was moderated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Sulyman Agenjo Abdulkareem.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Dance is Life, Life is Dance: a Cyclical Nature of Man on Earth,’ the lecturer disclosed that every virile adult subconsciously engaged in dance during copulation.

He said: “As a matter of fact, if we have an expanded definition of the dance concept and definition is to be a rhythmic gyration of parts of the body to certain stimulations, then even copulation which precedes conception is a dance activity.

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“Therefore, the entire life cycle of a man is full of dance in one form or the other. From copulation to conception, birth to the celebration of birth, anniversaries and other life achievements, even unto death, man dances all through the cycles and circles. Dance, therefore, is life and life is dance. We live to dance; we dance to live.”

He urged the relevant education agencies in Nigeria to reintroduce the teaching of history, culture and monuments into the nation’s curriculum.

He added: “Government at various levels should ensure the documentation of our cultural dances through the establishment of documentation centres.

“Let us desist from debasing our dance culture. It has been flagrantly reduced to campaign activities or pleasurable ‘acts’. Our dances represent our life and deserve better treatment.”

Ojuade stated that Africans and indeed the entire human race should continually explore the inherent health advantages of dancing, especially to the heart, lungs, muscles and aerobic fitness.

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