Africa: Plans to establish a National Airline in Ghana will spur growth in hospitality and tourism sector – John Kufour

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The Chairman, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Sector Committee, United Kingdom-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, John Addo Kufuor has said plan by the country to establish a national airline as announced in the 2022 budget will stimulate growth in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

According to, Kufuor said “It will help promote tourism in Ghana and stimulate further revival in the hospitality sector.”

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, in the 2022 budget statement, said “it is expected that the negotiation will be finalised, and the airline established in 2022.”

He further stated that government would as part of a policy, establish an airport/airstrip in each of the sixteen regions to boost tourism and trade.

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Mr Addo Kufuor, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the initiative would transform the sector.

He said the sector had had a significant growth, positioning Ghana as economic partner for the UK and vice versa, and that the growth had seen a vast improvement in hospitality facilities, infrastructure and capacity building.

That, ranged from maintaining brands standards to improving best social, ethical and environmental standards in the industry, he said.

The UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce was established in 2016 to promote trade between Ghana and the UK through networking, advocacy and trade services.

One of the key aims is to see Ghana become a significant economic partner for the UK as an export market, import source, investment destination and vice versa.

Adjoba Kyiamah, Executive Director, UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, described the chamber as a self – sustaining platform for members to market their business, network and provide support to achieve commercial objectives.

She noted that COVID-19 presented both opportunities and challenges to members, but they responded with innovation and creativity; by providing innovative ideas and resources to members.




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