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Africa: “Time to unite” declares ICUS, as it throws weight behind Alain St. Ange’s One Seychelles

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The executive committee of the Independent Conservative Union of Seychelles (ICUS), has thrown its weight behind the One Seychelles political party in the coming presidential and general elections in the country.

In a statement made available to ATQNews.com, Africa’s Premier Travel News site, the ICUS executive committee stated that it has “taken time to reflect on the tremendous changes that is happening in the Seychelles political landscape currently especially with the arrival of new forces on the scene,” before putting its support behind One Seychelles.

“We have indeed found it necessary to re-assess our position and align with the current flow in the best interests of the people of Seychelles, our members and in the spirit of Unity at a time of great division that is tearing our nation apart and destroying the very core fabric of our society. We have taken time to analyze all the different party manifestos and policies and we have come to the conclusions that ICUS vision and mission are of very similar template to those of “ONE SEYCHELLES Party” vision and mission.

In the spirit of unity, we have therefore decided to throw our full and firm support behind “One Seychelles” to bolster “the third force” to contest the coming Presidential and National Assembly elections. We endorse our unconditional support for the choice of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of ONE SEYCHELLES.

ICUS is pleased to announce that Mr. Mike Chadstone has also agreed to stand as a candidate for the National Assembly for ONE SEYCHELLES party in a bid to offer a more democratic, balanced and diverse voice for the people of Seychelles in the next National Assembly. The Seychellois nation is a democracy loving people who toil and strive to maintain democracy at all costs and thus in this coming election, we are giving the people of Seychelles not only the choice but a real opportunity to make our people’s legislative institution the truly democratic representative authority that it should be for the welfare and best interests of all sections of the Seychellois society.

“We surely cannot and should not roll back into a “One party state era”, thus the necessity for each and every one of us to consider very carefully our votes to make this next National Assembly a Truly Democratic and balanced People’s Representative National Institution. We pray that the people of Seychelles have the maturity to understand the real values and virtues of democracy, the importance of divergent views, the importance to defend the voice of the people and particularly the minority and the responsibility placed upon each and every successful candidate to play an important role in our next National Assembly.”

“We are thus urging voters to make the choice of the best and most appropriate candidate without putting partisan politics aforehand of sanity but in the spirit of democracy, and credibility, that the role of a Member of the National Assembly is and should remain an important function of governance of our nation. We urge eligible voters participate fully in this democratic to elect only those people with excellent knowledge, skill, competence and ability to absorb, analyze, assess, contrast, compare, research and find the best ways to formulate the laws that will indeed affect the lives of all of us in our Country.”

We should never allow the euphoric pre-election atmosphere to cloud their good judgement in their decision to elect appropriate candidates to represent our core values and our sovereignty and enact laws that seeks to make our people’s lives more bearable and promote peace, unity, dignity and respect for one another.

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