Aviation: Africa World Airline from Ghana Operated 1832 flights out of 15474 international flights into Nigeria while Air Peace did over 24000 flights out of the Total 80875 flights in 2019

AWA airlines

Ghana’s leading carrier, Africa World Airline (AWA), operated the highest number of international flights out of Nigeria’s aviation industry.

Statistics released by Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the regulatory agency of the industry revealed that the airline operated a total of 1,832 among the foreign carriers, while Air Peace had 24,014 flights within the period.

According to a report by saharareporters.com, a total of 80,875 flights operated among 42 local and international airlines in Nigeria in 2019.

The report indicated that 15,474 flights were operated on the international routes, while the other 65,401 flights were operated among the nine domestic carriers in the country.

Further statistics by the regulatory body indicated that Air Peace had the second highest number of flights in international operations with 1,375, Asky Airlines from Togo had 1,228, Ethiopian, which operates into four points in Nigeria had 1,025, Emirates; 996, Lufthansa; 909, Egypt Air; 809, Turkish Airlines; 776, British Airways; 717 and Air France had 612 flights within the year.

Others were Rwandair; 608, Air Cote D’Ivoire; 524, Kenyan Airways; 473, Arik Air; 428, Virgin Atlantic; 363, Delta Air Lines; 362, South African Airways; 359, Royal Air Maroc; 358, Qatar Airways; 357, Etihad Airways; 206, Meridiana Airline; 193, Air Namibia; 139, Cronos Air; 115, Middle East Airlines; 95, Saudi Airways; 89 and BADR Air had 69 flights within the period.

Overland Airways on its regional operations had 35 flights, CamAir-Co from Cameroon; 22, Tarco Airlines; 17, Cabo Verde Airlines; nine, Sudan Airways; eight and Angola Airways had just five flights into Nigeria in 2019.

On the local scene, Air Peace had 24,014 flights, followed by Arik Air with 11,608, Aero Contractors; 6,717, Azman Air; 5,998, Max Air, 5,912, Dana Air, 5,481, Overland Airways; 2,755, Ibom Air; 2,472 and Med-View Airline operated only 442 flights in Nigeria in 2019.

Besides, Angola Air, which operated just five flights into Nigeria within the year, also had the highest percentage of flight delays with 100 per cent, Cabo Verde Air with just nine flights into Nigeria in the past year, had eight of its flights delayed, representing 89 per cent, Overland Airways; 83 per cent, while Badr Airlines based in Khartoum, Sudan with 69 flights into Nigeria, had 86 per cent flight delays.

Other airlines, which had at least 50 per cent of flight delays in 2019, included Saudi Airways; 81 per cent, Tarco Airways; 76 per cent, Turkish Airways; 64 per cent, Egypt Air with 60 per cent, Air Namibia with 58 per cent, Ethiopian Airlines; 55 per cent and Air Peace with 53 per cent.

Virgin Atlantic Airways was the most discipline airline among the foreign carriers with just 6 per cent of flight delays out of its 363 flights operated in 2019.

On the local scene, Dana Air had the highest number of percentage of flight delays with 70 per cent of its 5,481 flights, followed by Overland Airways; 69 per cent, Aero Contractors; 66 per cent, Med- View Airline; 62 per cent, Max Air; 62 per cent. Air Peace; 57 per cent, Azman Air; 56 per cent, Ibom Air; 53 per cent, while Arik Air had 43 per cent flight delays in 2019.



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