Africa: Zimbabwe Tourism Minister Mzembi and his Tourism Ambassador

Zimbabwe Tourism Minister Mzembi and his Tourism Ambassador

TOURISM Minister Walter Mzembi may want to seriously consider relieving Thomas “CST” Chizhanje – a social media sensation, whom he appointed Tourism Brand Zimbabwe Facebook Ambassador two years ago – of his duties as he has done more harm than good on the popular social media networking site.

In the past two years, CST who commands close to 30 000 followers has been embroiled in a series of social media wars, often causing harm to fellow Zimbabweans, especially celebrities, whom he mocks and ridicules on his Facebook fan page.

The Minister had appointed Chizhanje with the belief that he would assist in promoting tourism in the country by disseminating news to his thousands of followers. But alas, that was not to be as he used his popularity to gain more popularity by mocking people including musicians Fungisai Mashavave Zvakavapano, Tocky Vibes and the President.

“I do not have any new jokes about the President’s age . . . The ones I have are old,” recently posted CST on his Facebook page.

“Shuwa munhu angaite makore anenge total time yebhora plus injury time… Ne iwayo tinoti referee ngaachiridza pito lol (How can somebody be the same age as time played in a football match plus extra time,” are some of his posts.

Other than insulting the President, CST of late, has been posting pictures of people to get his followers to somehow discuss them. It is through those discussions that controversial characters have been bashed by most of his followers showing that the posts were destroying characters.

As a result of his insensitivity, socialites, Pokello Nare and model Jacqueline Ngarande who have been bashed by CST’s followers have expressed their dismay. Pokello had her picture merged with Stunner’s estranged wife Olinda and was captioned: “Olinda Chapel is bae, Pokello Nare has swag. This angered Pokello who dissed Chizhanje saying: “CST, I recall you being Stunner’s friend following him to studios all the time while you were trying to be a rapper. Now that you have 20 000 followers, you think you can wake up and post pictures of people’s wives. Are you done posting your wife’s?

“Since you’re good at ridiculing people, why can’t you set up a business for your wife and upgrade her so that she stops working at the till at Bon Marche in Chisipite where she is failing to calculate people’s change,” wrote Pokello.

Ngarande who has also had her pictures showcased and bashed said CST, with his influence, needed to motivate people instead of bashing them.

“Thomas Chizhanje, I think it’s high time you understand something. It looks like it’s now turning into your daily habit or hobby of bringing people down here on Facebook.

“Does it really give you joy or add money into your account that some of your fans are always talking about someone’s past, sex tapes and all. I think it’s high time you rebrand yourself and your followers.

“Let your wall upgrade and motivate someone’s brand. Don’t be the root of someone’s downfall. The other time you posted my picture, I had to ask you to take down the post because of the negativity from your fans. One of your followers who is a Facebook doctor diagnosed me and I kept quiet. Bringing down other people’s brands will never make yours bigger and better.


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