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African Travels: ‘Nigerians are really hungry for travelling; we are here to make it happen for them’- Imtiaz Hussain

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By Renn Offor
With a passion to carve a niche in the Nigeria travel trade market, the Imtiaz Hussain Nasir, the Manager of Tabeer Tourism, a new travel company which has just landed Lagos, Nigeria, has revealed that the company motive of extending its service base to Nigeria is inspired by the fact that Nigerians are eager about travelling, and that Tabeer Tourism has a mandate to making that happen for every Nigerian. Mr. Imtaz revealed this today, during an interactive session with www.atqnews.com in his Opebi office in Ikeja, Lagos.

Though the company has been licensed and operating in the UAE as an independent tour operator with branches in the UK, Pakistan and America, it has recorded tremendous progress made possible for many reasons which includes the continuous support and recommendation from existing clients, coupled with the commitment from a dedicated team and the high level services it delivers.

dubai_water_park2 ‘As a matter of fact, Nigerians are really hungry for traveling’, he revealed. ‘Couple of days back, I was travelling from Abuja to Lagos; I saw a man he was fighting with security, saying, “What if I don’t have passport or I don’t ticket, why can’t I travel from the airport”? I believe more people are passionate about travelling from Nigeria. Yes Nigeria is a very big market’.

The manager equally revealed that that the major motivation for him in the travel business goes beyond making money from Nigeria, but that he has a passion to see ways they could help Nigerians to live above the poverty line in the country; accepting that more Nigerians live below the poverty line, than there are the middle class.
He questioned that majority of the other countries that come to do business in Nigeria are only interested in making the money and going away; that they do not care about their social respdubai_water_park3onsibilities within the areas and the country where they make the money.

‘Most countries that come to do Nigeria only come for business. We are not here only for business. Though we are here to tell those who have the money to travel that, yes, we have good packages. But if people want to do some job in Dubai, we give them very good prices below what others are giving. We even support them to find the jobs. We can help them to find jobs’.

He said that for Nigerians who have interest to work in Dubai, Tabeer Tourism ‘can help them to find a job. And at times, depending on the circumstances, we go out of our ways to help financially because sometimes they have problems like shortage of money… Thoughdubai_water_park (1) , it’s not our job to give them money, but sometimes as humanity, we can give them the support that we can’!
‘We can help by making referrals to some of our partners who may need some African staff, like media persons, marketing etc. Sometimes our partners would tell us they need someone who can speak very well or they need a person good for marketing’.

He went on to reveal that they are coming with a unique marketing strategy that would capture the Nigerian market. ‘Our marketing plan, we would be going to online, majorly.
‘We would do social media marketing. Nowadays, like in Europe, in England, America, Canada, if you do not have efficiency in online marketing, you’re not going to do well. No matter how much you try.
‘We are here to be innovative; to be different than others, and to compete in the market and do online marketing. And for this, the internet is the key’.

‘We are going to do print media marketing. We also have plans for that. We would do some banners on the road, fliers, newspapers and several others”.

According to him, Lagos is the Tabeer Tourism’s first attempt into the Africa travel and tourism market. The company specializes in offering complete solution to every travel needs. Whether it is Dubai or New York, weekend break or a family package holiday, a special occasion trip to Hawaii with stopovers in Las Vegas on the way, Tabeer can provide tailor made trips to suit that any budget or need. And for those who need ideas of where to travel, the company boasts a team full of suggestions.

Whatever your holiday requirements, and wherever you choose to go, our friendly team at Tabeer Tourism look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you, and are always happy to help. ‘We just started this company in Nigeria. The company has already been in existence in Dubai and in several other countries.

Believing strongly in modern technology coupled with personalized touch as the key ingredients to succeed in the marketplace, with this aim, Tabeer has invested in and developed ‘Tabeer online’ which it considers a milestone on the path it has set out on.

Tabeer online is a state-of-the-art, easy to use, business to business online reservations system which will provide the company’s travel trade partners with optimal advantages such as most competitive rates, Hotel Booking and related ground services product availabilities coupled with instant confirmations. Besides being the next big stride it has taken forward in our quest of exceeding the expectations of its travel services partners, Tabeer online will serve as an excellent tool in extending the reach of tourism services in the worldwide markets.

The company has a vision to keep growing and to become the foremost supplier of global tourism services in the regional and the worldwide markets; while its mission is to constantly evolve, develop and keep delivering a comprehensive range of qualitative tourism services at competitive rates with suitable allocations to meet the requirements of its travel and tourism partners worldwide.

Tabeer has a focus to always open to new ideas, accept inputs, believe in open minded approach at its workplace and in conducting business, value feedback and constantly endeavor to give the very best to its diverse clientage in line with their requirements with a single minded focus on excelling in what it delivers.
While Tabeer Tourism’s modern efficiency embraces traditional Arabian hospitality to give our guests. ‘Authentic Arabian Experiences’; Mr. Imtiaz concluded by saying that basically, ‘We are here because of the potentials for travellers in Nigeria’.

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